BMW to launch new naming system with Neue Klasse models

Sept 23, 2023

Core nameplates like the 3 Series will remain, but there will be new badges for SUVs.

Pioneering Minds

Core nameplate

BMW's intention

The change is driven by BMW's intention to offer combustion, electric, and possibly hydrogen-powered variants of the same models.


Neue Klasse

Neue Klasse-based models will replace current-generation ones, starting with the X3.



Gasoline-powered models will have names like X320, X330, X340, while electric models will have names like iX320, iX330, iX340.


Sedans and wagons

Sedans and wagons will also undergo naming changes, using a three-number system for gasoline variants (e.g., 320, 330, 340).


sedans and wagons

Electric sedans and wagons will have names with an "i" prefix (e.g., i330, i550).


None of this has been officially confirmed by BMW, and more details may emerge in the future.