9 Jobs Most 'Exposed' to Artificial Intelligence

March 11, 2023

Using AI to analyze customer data and generate potential leads, create customer profiles, and personalize sales pitches.



2. English language and literature teachers

AI technology can assist with language learning by providing personalized feedback to students on their writing, speaking, and listening skills.


3. Foreign language

As a foreign language AI specialist, you would be responsible for developing and implementing AI-powered language learning tools and platforms.


4. History Teachers

Analyze historical texts and provide insights on themes, events, and people. AI-powered tools can also assist with visualizing historical data, creating interactive timelines, and providing historical context.


5. Law teachers

using AI to analyze legal texts and provide insights on legal concepts and cases. AI-powered tools can also assist with legal research and analysis, legal writing, and legal drafting.


6. Philosophy

You would also be responsible for analyzing philosophical data and providing feedback to researchers on their work.


7. Sociology teachers

As a sociologist and AI specialist, you could work in fields such as public health, education, criminal justice, social services, or business, among others. Your job would be to use sociological theories and data


8. Blogger

You can be a best blogger using artificial intelligence. With the help of tools you can research about keywords trends and much more


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