Mobile Phone ReviewsVivo X80 First Impressions: A Promising Premium All-Rounder

Vivo X80 First Impressions: A Promising Premium All-Rounder


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It will launch alongside the top-of-the-line Vivo X80 Pro and unveils a new and innovative feature that could help it stand out from the sub-Rs. 60,000 price segment. Regarding location, this Vivo X80 is a successor to the Vivo X70 Pro and not the X70 in the way its name may lead you to believe. The X80 could be lacking certain aspects similar to its X70 Pro, such as a periscopic telephoto camera, but with a price starting at Rs. 54,999 is awash of other improvements that make it a great all-rounder.

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One of the most talked-about is the Density 9000 CPU from MediaTek; it will be launching alongside the Vivo X80 in India. The 4nm SoC has a maximum frequency of 3.05GHz, and the specs suggest that it will be comparable to its predecessor, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, which the X80 Pro uses. This is an enormous leap over the previous version and makes the phone appear to be as powerful as another flagship phone in the 2022 category, at least on paper.

The Vivo X80 has been launched in two versions. The base version comes with 8GB of memory and 128GB of storage. It retails at 54,999. 54,999. The second model comes with twelve GB RAM, and 256GB storage costs Rs. 59,999.Vivo X80 back compare ndtv VivoX80  Vivo

Vivo has integrated its latest V1+ imaging processor in the X80 to speed up computation-intensive tasks, such as processing night mode photos within the camera app and interpolating frames while playing games. Vivo claims that the X80 features the most potent single-chamber vapour cooler on any phone in India. The phone will provide a top-quality gaming experience, and I’ll test this claim in my review. After using the phone for a couple of days, I’m convinced that cooling may help as the camera app didn’t display any warnings about overheating while recording videos even though the phone got hot.

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Vivo X80 (right) Vivo X80 (right) looks similar to that of the Vivo X80 Pro (left), except for the periscopic camera.The phone appears identical in design to Vivo X80 Pro and last year’s X70 Pro+ (Review). The only difference in appearance in both the X80 and the X80 Pro is the missing camera with the periscopic lens on the previous model. Everything else, including the location of the ports and speaker grills, is identical. Vivo has also granted this X80 it’s official IP53 rating which is not often seen on smartphones in this class.Vivo X80 has an aluminium alloy frame sandwiched between two glass sheets with curving sides. The rear panel is made from fluorite AG glass and comes with a matte finish that effectively removes fingerprints. I received one with the Urban Blue finish, which is fresh and distinct. The overall design is very luxurious and doesn’t feel heavy, weighing in at 206g.

The Vivo X80’s program runs well. However, there are a few preinstalled apps from third-party vendors.Vivo X80 front software ndtv VivoX80  Vivo

The Vivo X80 has a 6.78-inch E5 AMOLED display, but it’s not built on LTPO technology similar to the one that its more costly X80 Pro has. It has a Full HD+ resolution and the highest resolution of 120Hz, and the maximum rate of touch sampling of 120Hz. My initial impressions of using Call of Duty: Mobile on the X80 were positive because the game played smoothly without a glitch. But, I’ll test further to determine the performance over time of this brand new SoC for gaming in the complete review. Its display has been protected with Schott’s Up glass, which proved to be a magnet for fingerprints upon my first use. It’s also worth noting that the Vivo X80 has dual stereo speakers, which was not available on its predecessor, the X70 Pro.

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Of the available cameras, Vivo X80 is one of them. Vivo X80 debuts Sony’s new 50-megapixel IMX866 camera, which features an RGBW arrangement of the pixels and optical image stabilisation (OIS). Vivo says this will allow more light sensitivity and better video and photos in low light and is something I’ll be trying out during our test. The X80 also features a 12-megapixel portrait camera and ultra-wide-angle cameras of 12 mega-pixels that do not have OIS.Similar to Vivo X80 Pro, the X80 is also equipped with Vivo’s brand new Zeiss-branded video Styles feature available in the camera application. The unique Cinematic video style allows you to shoot video with the 2.39:1 Cinematic Aspect Ratio and includes oval light flares in the background. The camera Panning style of photography is also new and allows you to apply motion blur to your location for subjects either in motion or still.

Selfies are taken with Vivo X80. 32-megapixel cameras handle Vivo X80. Vivo has also added its Cinematic Style feature to the camera mode to allow you to take photos with a larger aspect ratio and with the ability to create background flares using the software.

Vivo X80 Vivo X80 has a back panel constructed of fluorite AG glass and an aluminium frame made of alloy.

My initial impressions about the cameras of the Vivo X80 are that they appear to be very powerful. The dynamic range and detail are excellent. The only thing I didn’t get was a telephoto camera that I could use for taking portraits. Zooming in digitally can diminish the clarity. However, I’ll reserve my final verdict for the complete review.

Vivo X80 camera images (top from bottom) Close-ups using 2-X zoom digitally, ultra-wide-angle camera, the primary camera operating in auto mode (Tap to view the full size)

The Vivo X80 has a 4,500mAh battery that is quickly charged using 80W. There’s no wireless charging which, in my opinion, is a significant omission since phones like the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G (Review) and Apple iPhone SE (2022) (Review). Apple iPhone SE (2022) (Review) provides this feature and is priced lower.

In the X80 range, Vivo also claims that it will launch three generations of Android OS updates and three years of security updates. This is a significant deal. The Vivo X80 runs Funtouch OS 12, based on Android 12. The application ran flawlessly in my first use; however, I noticed a few installed third-party apps that were preinstalled.

The Vivo X80 is not just a smartphone with a camera. It comes with the necessary hardware to give high gaming performance, too. It’s also an excellent upgrade from the X70 Pro as part of a more powerful SoC. It also features stereo speakers as well as IP ratings. The price is attractive, and when it comes to competitors, it’s ahead of those like the Realme GT 2 Pro (Review) and is an excellent alternative to the Motorola Edge 30 Pro. We’ll test the camera of the X80 as well as battery life and gaming performance in a coming couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for the complete review coming.

Information: Vivo sponsored the correspondent’s hotels and flights for the event’s re-launch in Dubai

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