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Viomi Debuted Its Next-Gen Robot Vacuum Cleaner At IFA Berlin 2022

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IFA (International Funkausstellung Berlin) exhibition is a well renowned event, which held During September 2 to 6 happening annually in Germany. For the franchises to exhibit their latest, hot selling, or new launching products, IFA offers the best platform. For Viomi, it is the first time showcasing their products in IFA berlin this year. And the news is that they are bringing their innovative Robot vacuum cleaner, Viomi Cyber Pro for the people to have live interaction – amongst a wide range of hot selling and new products.

Witness The Holistic Home Experience with Viomi at IFA Berlin 2022

Viomi IFA 2022 image 3

No doubt that Viomi makes living more livable, as they say. Reshaping the image of smart homes, Viomi has made it literally possible for consumers to control their homes at their fingertips, when it comes to home Smart Home appliances.

You need to see it to believe it?

Viomi invites you to its IFA showroom for face-to-face interaction with Smart Home appliances. As their first time at the IFA exhibition, Viomi has brought its best products from new launches to hot sales to provide great value to its customers.

Speaking of what you can expect, Viomi is showcasing their refrigerators, washing machines, Robot vacuum and mop, for you to interact with the machines in real time.

Viomi IFA 2022 image 2

Viomi Cyber Pro High-end 3-in-1 Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner

You may have heard of a plethora of vacuum cleaners from cordless to dry and wet, automatic, and best performance manual ones – but, we bet, you have not seen something as Viomi Cyber Pro.

Packed with high-end functionality and optimal performance, Cyber Pro mop vacuum combo is one of its kind. It features all the features that a holistic home needs. From efficient cleaning, to energy saving, mindful design, no maintenance, yet tough on stubborn spots, this vacuum claim to do it all.

Wait! Did we say remote voice and app control?

Well, you have heard it right. Cyber Pro is set to revolutionize your cleaning experience with its all-sounder functionality. The news has it that you can use it anywhere!

Viomi IFA 2022 image 5

1. Upgraded Edge Design: Its new brush edge design leaves no blind spots and thoroughly removes the stains without leaving edges and corners that are hard to reach with conventional vacuums.

2. Spot Cleaning Spray: Unlike manual spraying and soaking hard spots, Cyber Pro comes with an external nozzle attached at the front for one-click spray. As you clean, it allows you to spray tough and old stains for better dissolution.

3. Self-cleaning & Air-Drying Easy maintenance: If you are not rubbing your floors, then you should not be subbing your vacuum rollers afterwards. Cyber Pro robotic vacuum does it all for you. Dock the vacuum in its station and press the cleaning button. The machine automatically cleans and dries the mop.

4. Eco-friendly cleaning: Viomi believes in a holistic approach to living. With Cyber Pro you do not have to use chemicals to clean, sterilize, and disinfect your homes. With a single touch of a button, you can make electrolyzed water before you start cleaning.

5. 3-in-1 Intelligent Sensor-Detection, Vacuuming & Cleaning: Cyber Pro’s ability to intelligently recognize floor problems in real-time allows it to automatically alter the suction force and water volume. It lowers the frequency of water changes and lowers power usage while improving cleaning effectiveness and persistence.

6. Multiple Cleaning Modes: Speaking of robotic vacuums, we are in love with its multiple cleaning mods. It features electrolyzed water and absorption mode in addition to regular modes. You can use it for deep cleaning and in places like the kitchen in case of a water emergency.

Cyber Pro Bring an Era of Mindful Functionality;

Viomi ensures the best performance along with high-end functionality, featuring useful features that contribute to better cleaning and maintenance, ease of use, and minimum to no effort.


Cyber Pro Robot vacuum and mop comes with enhanced technological and design enhancements that increase productivity without compromising your wellbeing – that is what a holistic Smart Home appliances approach.


Featuring a 4000mAh larger capacity battery, you can vacuum upto 200㎡ in single recharge. Speaking of numbers, it allows you uninterrupted 35+ mins of cleaning. Moreover, if you have the sensor-detection settings on, it will automatically adjust the suction power to avoid frequent change of setting. It helps in saving battery by detecting the type of mess on the surface.


Cyber Pro features a 745ml dual clean and dirty water tank, which helps in cleaning larger areas better and continuously. In addition, you do not have to worry about overflowing, as its water-level sensors give you a reminder/warning to replace the clean water tank.

Viomi IFA 2022 image 4


What we love the most about it is variable controls. Connecting to your Smart Home devices, you can remotely adjust the settings with a voice command or an app. Moreover, it features a convenient LED screen for controls.

It is your chance to visit the Viomi showroom at an IFA event happening in Berlin to see and try out this amazing robotic vacuum cleaner in real time. This is what you may have been looking for all this time!

In addition, you can get familiarized with what a revolutionary Smart Home actually is because Viomi makes things happen!

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