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US carriers reportedly want Android lockscreen ads powered by Google-backed ‘Glance’

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Advertising is an essential evil in today’s internet world, but it can sometimes be too intrusive. You’ll likely see more lock screen ads on Android phones in the United States if the Google-backed company “Glance” succeeds.

TechCrunch reports “Glance,” which provides lock screen ads on Android smartphones, is looking to launch services in the United States within two months. It is a subsidiary of advertising giant InMobi Group, founded in India.

What does Glance have to do with lock screen ads?

The company’s tech has an Android phone equipped with a “dynamic” lock screen. This lock screen can display news, advertisements, and games. It seems that the functionality can be difficult to disable. Gizmodo highlighted user threads discussing how to disable lock screen ads from Android phones. Both Realme and Samsung also use this tech on some Indian devices.

Glance currently services approximately 400 million smartphones in Asian countries.

glance android lockscreen ads
This is what ads look like on an Android lockscreen powered by Glance.

Glance is now aiming to bring lock screen ads to more Android phones in the United States. According to reports, Glance is currently in discussions with US carriers. The company plans to launch “several” smartphone models within the next month.

Glance is a partner with smartphone manufacturers in Asia. However, the company is now shifting to US carriers as most smartphone sales are made through US carriers.

Glance even offers an advertising solution to Android TV, as if Google wasn’t doing enough.

Lockscreen ads on Android smartphones are not a new phenomenon. Amazon has been serving ads on subsidized Android phones for years using its “Prime Exclusive,” It also uses this practice to lower its Android tablet costs. Another well-known brand for pushing advertisements about new products and services via system apps is Samsung. However, the course has mostly stopped.


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