Are they going to an event? Google Calendar will let you know. The method of locating your office colleagues and friends is expected to be made easier due to an updated version of Google Calendar.
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Updated Google Calendar update gives your colleagues no reason to conceal.
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This Calendar application, which makes up the Google Workspace, can now show various choices for statuses within Google Chat and provide more details on what your coworkers and you are doing.

The earlier version of Google Chat could only show that someone was not involved in the process; however, Google Chat can now deliver various statuses. For instance, it can show “in a meeting” or “in focus.”¬†

Google Calendar statuses


Updated Google Calendar update gives your colleagues no reason to conceal.
(Image credit: Google Workspace)

“We hope by surfacing these additional statuses, this will make it easier for your colleagues to identify appropriate times to message you,” the company wrote in its Google Workspace update¬†blog post¬†where it revealed the change in status.

Administrators can also select specific options to be used for showing the latest status. This allows them to turn it off and on or completely turn it off.

It’s a feature that is automatically enabled and available for every Android, iOS and web user. It will be available to everyone Google Workspace clients and G Suite Basic and Business customers. It won’t be available to Google Workspace individuals or users with personal Google logins.

This is the most recent version for Google Calendar as the company will be assisting employees who want to embrace the idea of hybrid work which splits the time they spend at work with home.

In the past, Google unveiled a new tool that signifies that Gmail users can now indicate whether they’re taking part in a virtual gathering or person via an email RSVP.

As we’ve mentioned previously, Google Calendar also recently introduced “Focus time,” which lets users schedule time blocks to get away from meetings and keep their focus on their doing their work.

The inclusion of a marker in Google Calendar. Google Calendar can also enable users to automatically decline meetings to ensure no pressure to finish the work.