Autonomous cars changing the future and have attended all over the world, but this autonomous tricycle or 3 wheel motorcycle is taking things in a unique way.

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This project was designed with the help of the amazon catalyst program and also a software company kerika, the University of Washington professor Bothell aims to give us a lesson that we are not dependent upon fossil fuels.
it is a neat and clean technique using an Arduino to make a recumbent tricycle or three-wheel motorcycle.
According to the figure, it is self-driving and completely autonomous it takes command to drive it in a circle without control by any operator.
Google is tackling this problem to drive it in traffic as well once this driving software is to be mature we will be able to use it in our daily life.


It uses the same technique as a self-driven car however it has slightly different than cars it has a machine attached at the front which detects objects it is an obstacle detector.
it has 3 motors and a 12-volt battery and is now available on the market.

Rolling around on a soccer field in Bothell could be the solution to Seattle’s traffic woes.

“If downtown has no traffic jams again, it would be a great achievement.¬†Ben Rockhold, a UW computer engineering major, says that he thinks a lot of people would like to live in such a world.

Ben, Alex, and Taylor are creating a tricycle that drives itself. To load instructions, they attach a laptop to the back. It starts to move in a zigzag fashion five seconds after it is unplugged.

Dr. Tyler Folsom, UW Bothell professor, says that autonomous cars are on the rise and that his students want to make an impact with small steps.

“It doesn’t need to be 4000 lb of steel.¬†It can be very efficient.¬†Folsom says that it is possible to move people around the city using less energy and less congestion.

Rockhold claims it is not designed to replace cars.

It won’t be as useful as an SUV for going bouldering, and it won’t be able to carry small groups of children like a minivan.¬†It’s perfect for someone who commutes or needs to go grocery shopping.¬†He says it’s more than sufficient.

Fewer cars on the roads mean fewer accidents.

Folsom claims that a tricycle consumes 30 times more energy than a car because it is 30 pounds lighter than a car and not thousands.

Autonomous vehicles look like a great way to make the world better.¬†It was something I wanted to do.¬†Rockhold says, “Even in a small way.”