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Twitter will get a new icon called Super Follower.

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Twitter is currently in rough waters due to hurricane Elon Musk. However, despite the massive job cuts, some people are still working on the Twitter Android application. 

9To5Google has revealed that Twitter finally has its Android 13-themed icon.

Material You’s theme icons have been a staple of Android for more than a year. Unfortunately, it is only supported by some apps, which makes it difficult for many people to use it. This resulted in a very inconsistent appearance of the software. For example, half the apps would match their background theme, while others would have their look.

Apps like Reddit and Bundled Notes have also added their icons to Android, including Spotify and Reddit.

Twitter will be the next app to introduce a themed icon.

This was discovered in the alpha version of Twitter. Unfortunately, it’s currently not accessible to the public and could change anytime. However, Dylan Roussell, 9To5Google, was able to dig into the app to find some interesting information.

First, he was able to enable the Twitter-themed icon. The icon will be minimalistic, with only the icon and the background. The wallpaper will match the background color of your icon. This will create a unifying aesthetic. The change will be moderate as Twitter’s icon itself is minimalistic.

The background and bird icons will change to match the theme when the phone is in dark mode. However, it will reverse when the phone is in the dark. As a result, the background will be dark gray, and the bird icon will be the theme’s colors.

Super Follow will get a rebrand.

A new name has been given to the Super Follow feature based on information from the alpha. You pay a monthly fee to a creator for exclusive Twitter content. In addition, you will receive tweets and other features. This is a significant revenue stream for Twitter creators.

Roussell discovered that Subscribe would be the name of Super Follow. This means that Super Followers are now called Subscribers. This is similar to Twitch’s naming convention for its paid followers.

It’s difficult to predict when or if the change will become final at this stage. We don’t know whether Elon Musk will change Subscriber perks or Super Follower perks. More updates will be needed on this story.

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