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Twitch tests new category layout and viewers have strong feelings on autoplaying video

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fatima khan
fatima khan
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Twitch has rolled out one of its biggest changes to the site layout in years, though it is currently still in testing and so may not show for all viewers of the site (yet). The site has had various UI tweaks over the years, although the core design has remained pretty consistent, but the intent with this change seems to be boosting discoverability. What it actually means in practice, however, is now the hot topic among streamers and viewers.

So what has Twitch done: It’s changed the category layout. When you click on a game or topic you’re interested in watching a stream of, the site used to take you to a browsable grid view of all current livestreams, ranked by viewer count. The new layout replaces this with an auto-playing video of the current most-popular stream, which dominates the screen real estate, and a single line of other available streams can be scrolled-through at the bottom. Here’s what it looks like (opens in new tab).

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