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Toyota GR Supra will get a the manual gearbox in 2022.

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The Toyota GR Supra sports car is finally offered with a manual transmission, nearly three years since its release.
Toyota Supra Manual Transmission

The new manual with six speeds will be available with the 335bhp 3.0-liter straight-six engine fitted to the top-end Supra. Toyota states that it was explicitly designed to be used with this powertrain. This implies, however, that the Supra’s second engine, which is a 254bhp 2.0-liter Inline Four, won’t be included in the manual ‘box.

Toyota Supra Manual Transmission

Like other models, such as the Toyota GR Yaris, this gearbox comes with Intelligent Manual Transmission (IMT) mode, which employs the “intelligent controlling technology” to “prioritize sporting performance.” Toyota claims that when you shift up, the gearbox is adjusted to optimize engine torque during the clutch’s engagement and release. Toyota says the IMT is set to the default setting, but it can be turned off when in Sport mode.


Toyota Supra Manual Transmission

Additionally, Toyota claims that it designed the gearbox to prevent slow start, and the final drive ratio was reduced from 3.15 of the autos to 3.46. Toyota claims that the results are “response and gearing appropriate for performance in sports cars.” The new gearbox also decreases the car’s weight by nearly 40kg.
Additionally, Toyota has refreshed the rest of the Supra collection. All models are tuned to a new suspension, featuring the more flexible vulcanized rubber on the rear and front anti-roll bar bushes and tuned shock absorbers.
To accommodate the brand’s newly-designed gear shifter central console has been redesigned by adding space between the shift lever and air conditioning unit.
UK price and precise launch date for the UK will be determined in the next few weeks. The auto Supra costs PS47,505 on the 2.0-liter and PS55,880.00 on the 3.0-liter.

In 2019 the Supra was unveiled in conjunction with its cousin, the BMW Z4, which shares a lot of the same chassis and powertrain; however, it hasn’t been confirmed as a manual version by BMW.

“Toyota will be listening to the needs of sports car lovers and their customers,” the Japanese firm stated that the new manual car was “engineered to delight those who enjoy the freedom and rewards provided through precisely-timed manually-controlled shifts.”

This means that Toyota has the three GR models, including three – the GR Yaris, Toyota GR 1986, and the GR Supra with the manual gearbox. But only two of them are available for purchase, and the limited-run GR 86 sells out within 90 minutes after launching.

The sales of the highly anticipated Toyota GT 86 successor started in March, and the starting price of PS29,995 was one of the least expensive sports coupes available. In just under an hour and a half, the Japanese firm shut down its UK ordering site after reaching the limit.



Toyota Supra Manual Transmission
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