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4K+ HDR HDR movies and massive games of the present have created more storage requirements for PCs than ever. I never imagined that I’d be able to fill with a single 1TB HDD when I was a kid, and I now have several lying around my home, but they’re too small to take up space in my tower. In the future, we could have data crystals that can contain unimaginable quantities of freezing storage. In the meantime, Toshiba has laid out its plan for the next generation of HDDs.

A Business Wire press release (thanks¬†to Tom’s Hardware) provides the company’s plans for the coming five years. The company’s goals include the release of a 26TB HDD within four months and a 30TB drive by 2023. Then, an impressive 40TB or more drive within five years. Toshiba’s current high-capacity drives limit themselves to 18TB, which means this will be an enormous leap.

The initial step in this strategy will be a drive with a 20TB capacity, not as different from Toshiba’s current 18TB drive, which will allow Toshiba to catch up with sizes provided by other brands such as Western Digital. The significant distinction between this model and the earlier model of 18TB is that it has an additional platter that will increase the capacity between 9 and 10 and allow the storage capacity to improve. This is an excellent basis to test the new storage technology from the company without having to design something unique.

This 26TB HDD to follow will utilize this helium-filled 10-platter platform. However, it will use an innovative wireless assisted switch technology to improve storage capacity. This upgrade will necessitate Toshiba to make adjustments to other components that could be costly and require the collaboration of other tech partners. The 30TB drive Toshiba plans to launch within five years will use the same technology, adding another platter to make it larger.


To make it any bigger, Toshiba plans to move to a new recording technology known as Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording or HAMR. HAMR seems to be the leading contender to be the next generation of HDD recording, but it could require Toshiba to revamp its production. It’ll also need more collaborative work, which means it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing this transformation in production mass-production any earlier than the five years mark Toshiba has set because of these challenges. However, we don’t know how massive games will become in the future, and we might require this technology.

“Toshiba continues to work closely with the cloud companies to understand their exact capacity and performance requirements, and the ability to utilize our next-generation technologies will be key to meeting our customers’ needs,” said Raghu Gururangan, Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. Vice President, Engineering & Product Marketing. “Many years of close collaboration work with our key component suppliers is leading to impactful technology breakthroughs to achieve higher capacities, which ultimately reduces TCO (total cost of ownership) of our nearline HDDs.”

Based on this, I’d steer off purchasing any HDDs at all unless they’re necessary for the present. However, with more capacity drives coming up, these models are likely to become much less expensive. There’s nothing worse than buying a product that decreases in cost due to advancements in technology.