The 15 Best Gaming Headsets In 2021: For Best Gaming Experience

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best Gaming Headsets

See what type of gamer you are a simple gamer or a pro-type gamer you are. You can buy many types of headsets simple or the best gaming headsets both have many differences, Simple headset is not made of good quality and also you hear outside voices in it when you playing a game and not a game give you some better gaming experience also hurt your ears when you using it. The gaming headset is too good for gaming its made of good quality and also gives you a better gaming experience and it’s too soft when you use it it’s not hurt your ears you can not hear outsides voices in it when you using it.


Gaming headset has many designs but the main two categorize is closed and open.

Comes in one solid pad.Design for gaming purposes and have solid pad
It has not any proper ventilation system to the earIt has proper ventilation system which do not hurt your ears.


When you use a best gaming headset it should properly fit your head which allows you comfortable when you play games for a bigger time frame it should not cause any physical pain to neck pain so it is advisable to choose a lighter headset.

Sound Quality

If using pc or mobile you also know that sound is so important part in both of it have two main types of sound quality first one is surrounded sounds and the second one is stereo sound.

Surround sound Stereo sound
Surround sound use eight channelsThe stereo uses two separate audio channels one for right ear and another for left ear
Surround sound will always come with subwooferStereo sound will not come with subwoofer
It will not good for moviesIt will better for movies

15 Best Gaming Headsets In 2021

We already know that there are key factors to check when buying a best gaming headset.
We have a complete buying guide as below. We have described all its qualities and material design.

Best Gaming Headsets Reviews

best Gaming Headsets

This type of headset is so old and also so good, steel series is made 20 years old by a brand of Denmark, which can be made the best qualities game headset and another best parts of PCS. It will also be made headset for PCS, XBOX, Playstation, Laptops, And also it contains mobile phone headset which is so best for watching songs, movies playing games and many other things. 

Steel series contains microphones in his headset when you play a game you can talk with other players or friends you can easily communicate with friends when you use this headset. it’s also best in video calls. This headset contains an airwaves system and it contains cushions airwaves can make your ears cool and cushions make your ears comfortable if you use it for many hours it will make ears hurt. 

it’s also available loose and tight options that can easily fit in your head. it’s available in less weight its don’t does have too much weight to make it better and comfortable its makes from lite material to make better. But it doesn’t contain a volume low and high option and also and no adjustment options to make your microphone mute or on but a good option is that you can adjust the volume and microphone from your device.


  • contain cushions
  • contain Airwaves
  • microphone
  • less weight
  • good sound quality

Pros & Cons

  • Best for gaming
  • Good quality
  • Good sound
  • Comfortable when in you ears
  • Contain microphone
  • Contain cushions
  • No adjustment of volumes
  • Made with old material
  • Easily breakable
best Gaming Headsets

Razer is a well-known company it deals with mice, Motherboards, Audio peripherals for gaming consoles, and also a gaming PC as it has a large product variety so it would be easy for all gamers to spot their needed products for their gaming.

With the 7.1 surround sound, you will feel better while playing games by hearing the quality with a crystal clear sound.
There is a cooling gel inside it which allow your ear cushions for long hours of gaming which will never hurt your ears.
The microphone is retractable and you can draw it back when not in use.

The microphone is retractable and you can draw it back when not in use. The noise isolation reduces the ambient noise so that you can communicate clearly with your teammates without outside disturbance.
The gaming headset is made of aluminum and bauxite which make it lightweight, yet durable. The gaming headset will last for long years without any defects.
Razer provides a 2 years warranty on all its gaming headsets. Apart from this, you also get the standard 30-day replacement warranty.

  • 2 years warranty
  • In-line audio control
  • 50MM driver
  • Made of bauxite and aluminum
  • Retractable noise isolating
  • mic In-line audio controls

Pros & Cons

  • 2 years warranty
  • Containing cushions for make the headset comfortable
  • Light weight and durable
  • Only work on window 10, 64 bit
best Gaming Headsets

moreover, it consists of 53mm drivers to give you high-class bass for a gaming experience. you can also use a customization box for low and high volume and on or off the microphone which can make better the game performance, when you connect the box with your headset the echo and the noise can move around in your headsets which can decrease the background voices. 

Many other features come in this headset the headset is made from a soft sponge which can feel so comfortable when you wear it and also give smooth look to the headset it’s made from the aluminum frame.

  • Compatible with PlayStations, Xbox, PCs and mobiles. 
  • 2-years warranty. 
  • Internal sound card amplifies the audio for the best gaming performance.
  •  Comes with a travel-friendly mesh bag. 
  • Closed ear cup design ensures noise cancellation.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable aluminum frame.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Clear 360-degrees sound.
  • Long wire that might get tangled.
best Gaming Headsets

The next on our list is Logitech’s, this is the best gaming headset which is widely used nowadays. it is also famous for computer parts manufacturing its accessories with advanced features which will full fill your gaming desire.
The most useful thing about this mouse is the wireless range of 20 meters and 2.4 GHz with lightspeed of audio Transmission.

This helps you to hear the strong sound while you are at a distance from your gaming computer.
If we take a look at its gaming interior design it comes with a battery life of 29 hours so that you will spend more time using it and while it takes too little time to charge.
The best feature is of this Logitech gaming headset is you can choose your color which comes with a different color spectrum of 16.8 M colors.
you can choose animations or create your unique animations using software to make the environment more like a gamer.

This gaming headset comes with advanced mic filters which cut off the ambient and other nice and make the voice clearer and clearer and unique.
if you are playing PUBG your teammates will hear your voice more and more clear because there is the best feature of clear and noise-free voice while playing other online games as well.
Some pro-G divers will help you to experience rich quality sound even you will hear the footsteps of the enemies.

The best advantage is its weight is 278 grams so you won’t feel any trouble when wearing this unique headset for long hours. it consists of reversible suspension that consists of comfort. There is dual-layer memory foam that comforts your head by reducing stress points.
we will have 2 years limited warranty from the original date of purchase.

  • It comes with Pro-G 40mm drivers.
  • it has 20 meters wireless range.
  • It has 2.4 GHz Lightspeed audio transmission.
  • Comes with Personalized lighting across the full spectrum
  • It is Lightweight with only 278 grams
  • Comes with 2 years warranty

Pros & Cons

  • It has Good sound quality for clear communications
  • It Lasts for about 29 hours
  • Comfortable to wear during long gaming sessions
  • The RGB light cannot be turned off.
best Gaming Headsets

Version Tech is the best selling company for its product these company products are made from good quality and its product price is not too much anyone can buy its product at a low price and the best quality these company selling their products since 2010. They have a check program also which they can check his all product for it in this way this company product is best. Version Techs gaming headset is best for gaming they can use high-grade 50mm drivers with neodymium magnets they can deliver clear bass and acoustic position. When you play a shooting game in this headset it will give you a full gaming experience when the grenade blast near you you can feel that the grenade is blasted near you.

The best feature is its microphone which can pick up your voice at 360 degrees. even if your mic is not close to your mouth, the microphone will transform your voice properly.
with the headset you get two buttons one is for mute and the other is for volume up and down for adjusting volume.

The earpads are covered with pure leather which provides comfort to your ears and reduces heat that is built up.
other than that comfort the ear- is covered in such a way that it can reduce the noise so that you can play the games without any disturbance.
It should be noted that the headband is also covered with soft and reliable cushion material and is retractable.
you can easily adjust the length that makes you the most comfortable and tension-free.
There is also LED lighting on the outer surface once you connect your headset with pc the Led lighting will glow up which look more and more cooler
VersionTech’s products come with a 1-year warranty.

  • It comes in 2 years warranty
  • It is made up of Synthetic leather-wrapped ear pads with LED lights
  • its feature is Adjustable noise-cancelling mic
  • Comes with 50MM driver neodymium magnet
  • having In-line volume and mute controls
  • It is Softly padded adjustable headband

Pros & Cons

  • Its contain LED lights
  • Its rotate in 360 degrees and also have flexible mic
  • Also contain cushions in its headband
  • Also contain ear pads prevent heat build up
  • Not much good quality
  • Also have a smaller pads
best Gaming Headsets

The next best gaming  headset is bengoo which comes on our list. This company does have not too many products these products are gaming headsets, gaming mouses, card adapters, and wireless chargers. These headsets can use a 40mm, magnetic neodymium driver. which increases the sensitivity of the speaker unit which allows you to hear the sound with the best quality.

You will be able to experience 3D effects of sound with shock feeling sound and vibrations during explosions and shooting.
you will be able to enjoy the best quality gaming experience without being disturbed by the surrounding noise with the help of its noise isolation feature.

These gaming headsets’ best features are that when playing shooting are fighting games, The perfects for these gaming headsets is a battlefield, game of thrones,whicher3, call of duty warzone. These all games and these headsets are also available for Playstations, XBOX ONE S, and PC. This bengoo headset is with 1 years warranty. These best gaming headsets’ main features are that they have flexible mic and leather earcups. Which can feel your comfort and warmth. These gaming headsets have LED lights.

  • It comes with 40MM magnetic neodymium driver
  • Having a Protein over-ear pads with LED light
  • Have a Omni-directional noise-isolating mic
  • The Skin friendly leather headband
  • it is Easy access volume and mute control
  • it comes with 1-year warranty

Pros & Cons

  • It hasStrong bass effect
  • It consists of High tensile strength wire
  • It has LED lights to set gaming mood
  • It has Numerous customer complaints of defective mic after a short usage
  • Headphone size is large

This gaming headset is made in china it’s a Chinese best brand that has selling audio peripheral devices for over 2 decades. These gaming headsets come in such a beautiful color and with such a great audio experience. This gaming headset has 40mm high fidelity speakers which can provide the user with high sound clarity and sharp sounds. These gaming headsets have large and soft ear pads which make you comfortable and reduce surround voices. 

These gaming headsets have also contained a standard 3.5mm audio jack which is compatible with PCS, Playsatations, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch, and many other gaming consoles. 

You can also rotate the microphone of these headsets in 360 degrees and position it you can fix in any position which you want. You can also adjust its headband. Its ear pads are made from soft leather and soft skin which feel comfortable you can play for many hours in these gaming headsets it hurt your ears. Their gaming headset feels like a cat this headset is shaped like a cat ear which can give it a beautiful look and is also soft. This gaming headset comes in a 1-year warranty.

  • Its comes in 1 years warranty
  • Its headband are adjustable
  • It have 40MM high fidelity driver
  • Contain soft leather ear cushions
  • It have Flexible omnidirectional mic

Pros & Cons

  • You can rotate its mic in 360 degrees
  • Its contain a removeable cat shaped clips
  • You can easily adjust its headband
  • Contains puffs which can reduce surrounded
  • The cat shaped clips made from plastic
  • Material is not good

Buying Guide: How To Pick The Right and Perfect Gaming Headsets we will help you in these.

Every gamer wants the best gaming headset to improve his gameplay but they don’t know how to choose it so I will tell you some important and best things about headsets that can help you that you can buy the best gaming headset for you. 

Many people have saved the money when he buys or purchase the gaming headset he buy a low quality are allow price gaming headset because he saves them money on everything which can not a good habit.

If you buy or purchase a low quality things or gaming headset it will be broken in few days or few weeks maybe it takes a month .

But it has broken because of low quality so if you need a good quality thing and you need the best gaming headset so you need some little more expensive and better quality gaming headset you buy which can better for gaming if you purchase a good quality gaming headset so will not listen surrounded voices its main part of gaming player which can most important part of gamer and also a good voice and microphone of good gaming headset.

If you purchase a low-quality headset it will be not better for gaming because you will listen surrounded voices and sometimes you microphone is not working so the gaming headset is not good for gaming maybe you will know better these information will help you to buy or purchase good quality gaming headset.


Best gaming headsets FAQ

What is a gaming headset requires?

There are some aspects to take into consideration when selecting the best gaming headset. Of course, sound and price-quality are the most important, but the comfort factor is there too. Additionally, noise-canceling microphones are essential for coms, and most of the headsets we’ve reviewed here have this feature. Finally, you’ll need a good voice quality and a microphone that doesn’t be able to pick up every single press on the mechanical keyboard.

What are the best ways to check gaming headsets?

Every headset we test, we use daily for at most one week. We record our voice using Audacity and then compare it to earlier recordings of other headsets. We then go to Discord for feedback from our friends about how we sound.

For that week, the goal is to test every headset across a variety of different genres of games–shooters battle royales, shooters, and racing games are extraordinary situations to test since the latter tends to push the lower end and expose distortion and mud and distortion.

 In contrast, PUBG and others are excellent for audio tracking in the position of the player. In addition, good racing simulations have a specific mix designed to let you hear the brake lock-up sound and the tires losing their traction. This is often the case in Project CARS 2 (seriously!), where the best headsets are distinguished from just good. And we listen to lots of music.

Are wireless or wired headsets more suitable for gaming?

It all comes from the individual’s personal preference; however, in the case of going with the wireless route, you’ll want to look for decent batteries (20 hours or more). The last thing you want is to have a headset constantly plugged in because the battery life isn’t good. It defeats the reason for being wireless. When using wired headsets, it is essential to ensure that your cable is long enough to get to your computer without feeling like it’s pulling on your head.

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