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Today’s Wordle Answer #435 – August 28, 2022, Solution And Hints

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fatima khan
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This morning’s Wordle answer is 4.4 on the difficulty scale; that’s 6 points. It’s a striking contrast to the comparatively easy puzzles we’ve faced this week. We were able to solve it in just three attempts. That’s the same lucky luck we experienced when we solved the puzzle yesterday.

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We want to continue the success for you, so we’ll share the current Wordle answer and the method we used to find a surprisingly quick solution. If you’re a person who likes to solve problems by yourself, we’ll provide you with some tips and tricks that will guide you to the correct solution.

This word is not unusual, but the letter combination isn’t the most simple. It contains three vowels: A, U, and E in the third, second, and fifth positions, respectively. There aren’t any repeating letters, and the first word can be described as G. This is the thin, cotton fabric with an open weave that is loose (via Wikipedia) and mainly used to cover wounds. Do you think that helps? If you’re unsure, here’s a clue. The term rhymes “claws.” We’ll provide the solution in the next part, and you need to stop here if you’re looking to solve the puzzle on your own.

You could use the word solution to describe draperies.


Gauze is the solution to this morning’s Wordle puzzle (#435 until August 28, 2022). Gauze is mainly used to refer to the cotton fabric used for surgical processes. Still, in technical textile-manufacturing terms, it is a weave structure in which weft yarns are arranged in pairs and crossed before and after each warp yarn, thereby holding the weft firmly in place (via Merriam-Webster).

The gauze etymology is very unclear. Etymonline lists a variety of possible sources. It could be derived from the French “gaze,” which is not sure of its origin. It could also be originated from the Arabic “gazz,” which refers to raw silk. Or, it could be from Gaza, the city of Gaza, which is a Palestinian city, though it is connected to the manufacturing of this fabric.

Our first guess for today was slate WordleBot’s latest most-used word. Then, we attempted the term “cadre,” and made all tiles green in the third prediction. WordleBot could have completed the problem in four guesses the same way as yesterday, and we now are on an ongoing winning streak. We’re hoping it will continue to grow the next day.

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