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Today’s Wordle answer #377: Friday, July 1

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fatima khan
fatima khan
A brand new writer in the fields, Fatima has been taken under my electric spark's RGB- rich and ensures she doesn't engage in excessive snark on the website. It's unclear what command and Conquer are; however, she can talk for hours about the odd rhythm games, hardware, product reviews, and MMOs that were popular in the 2000s. Fatima has been creating various announcements, previews, and other content while here, but particularly enjoys writing regarding Products' latest news in the market she's currently addicted to. She is likely talking to an additional blogger with her current obsession right now.

Well another month has come and gone. Six months of 2022 now lay buried in the past. June was a bit of a letdown what with the wildfires and rough bout of COVID but I have high hopes for July.

July is actually shaping up to be quite fun as I have trips planned both for San Diego Comic-Con and to a concert in Red Rocks in Colorado. I’m pretty excited about both, obviously. Now the trick is staying healthy.

In any case, Wordle is why we’re here—however much this column has become a bit of a personal journal in some ways—so let’s take a look at today’s word. It’s a fun one!

How To Play Wordle

If you’re a little bit behind the curve, check out my explainer on how to play Wordle right here. I also have a tips & tricks guide here. And if you’re curious about the best starting word, this post will help you on your journey. Finally, if you want some other Wordle-like game suggestions, I have a handy list of games for you to try.

Today’s Wordle #377 Hint & Answer

This right here’s a spoiler warning, y’all. A whole mess o’ spoilers ahead.

But first, a hint: Both a flaming Ford and a delicious bean.

And the answer is . . . .

See, I told you it’s a fun word.

My starting guess did me very few favors today, though at least it got me an ‘I’ and eliminated two vowels and two pretty common letters. Still, according to Wordle Bot I still had 107 possibilities left, which isn’t great.

Iglooon the other hand, narrowed things down considerably, shaving off 104 of those and leaving me with just three. It was a bit of a bold guess, too, since I used two O’s but it got me the ‘O’ in green which was lucky.

I was pretty sure bingo would be the answer at this point and was surprised when that was wrong. In fact, I was pretty stumped for a while since the only words I could think of used a ‘G’—like dingo and Ringo though I don’t think that one was an option.

Finally, the Southwesterner in me realized the answer had to be pinto and lo and behold, I was right. I am the world’s greatest genius, clearly.

Happy July, young padawans!

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