Verma was an Associate Fellow at AMD and this is an important victory for Intel.

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AMD GPU (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Rohit Verma left AMD and joined Intel earlier in the week. The move is significant for Intel because¬†AMD employed Verma¬†throughout its most recent and revolutionary period. In addition, he was the Lead SoC Architect on the Discrete GPUs and other projects. Verma also had the privilege as a senior fellow at AMD and has been working since 2013. Analyst Dylan Patel of SemiAnalysis brought Rohit Verma’s major¬†career shift¬†to our focus.

Before getting a position as a Senior Fellow and lead SoC architect for Dispersed GPUs within AMD (3 years three months), Verma worked as an AMD Fellow and Lead SoC Architect within the Semi-Custom Business Unit (4 years and eleven months). Throughout his eight-plus year-long career at AMD, Verma worked on projects that focused on discrete graphics cards for desktops and laptops and the more general SoC architecture discipline that includes GPUs, CPUs, fabric, etc., power management and security.


Brain Drain Gets Upended – Intel’s Brain Gain

"It's great to be back at Intel and am looking forward to working with the team to define and build innovative next generation GPU products!"

It is interesting to note that Rohit Verma, the new Lead Product Architect for Disperse GPU SoCs of Intel, has previously worked for Intel as Lead SoC Architect 1999 from 1999 to 2013. Verma’s long 15-year stint at Intel overlapped with the current Intel Chief Executive Officer Pat Gelsinger’s tenure by several years. Gelsinger joined Intel in 1979 at the age of 18 as a Q, for those who don’t remember. Control Technician. When Verma began his work with Intel at the end of 1999, Gelsinger had already settled with his job as GM for Intel’s Desktop Products Group and would be Intel’s first Chief Technology Officer in 2001.

Patrick Gelsinger’s return to Intel at the end of 2021 as the company’s new CEO began a noisy time. It’s somewhat confusing to consider that this blue-blooded Intel CEO only assumed the helm just a year ago.
With his broad vision and the massive adjustments required to turn his vision a reality, we’ve seen Gelsinger invite several members of the former team to rejoin the group. It’s a common occurrence since when everything is shifting around you, you have to rely on others to reassemble established and reliable relationships with colleagues and friends provides an anchor.
We could probably describe Verma’s hiring in these ways, most notably because she has the expertise required to help Intel implement their Arc GPU roadmap and go beyond. Furthermore, a line from Gelsinger accurately sums up the way things are happening at Intel in 2022 “The brain drain has changed. Brains are now returning.”