Auto Tab Discard keeps Chrome from eating all your RAM.

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Google Chrome might be the preferred browser of many users, but it’s not the most efficient method to browse the web. It’s true that Chrome has always been and has always been a significant resource-consuming device. It’s a fact that hasn’t changed regardless of the promises Google promises to solve the issue.

However, there’s also an opportunity to reduce Google’s need for RAM, and it’s now available in the form of an extension.¬†Auto Tab Discard¬†is designed to minimize memory Chrome uses by suspending active tabs and freeing up resources to perform other activities.

My laptop has a capacity of 16GB RAM. But, as I type this, Google Chrome is using up more than 2GB. It is because it runs 33 distinct processes running. One reason is that Chrome treats each tab as separate entities that could be beneficial. It’s also why the browser uses the most significant amount of memory.

According to¬†ZDNet, Auto Tab Discard won’t erase the tabs you’ve opened or disable them regardless of the title they bear. Instead, it put them in suspend mode, which hinders access to them and slows the speed at which Chrome’s memory is used.

The effects will not be evident for the initial few minutes because Auto Tab Discard operates by checking your browsing habits and then ‘discards’ tabs that aren’t in use for an extended period. The deleted accounts are wiped from the device’s memory and won’t use up any resources as they work in the background.

It’s similar to how Microsoft Edge works. Microsoft Edge browser is doing, which allows the program to consume smaller amounts of resources. However, it also means that removed tabs have to be loaded every time you switch from another account and take longer.

Testing Auto Tab Discard

Automatic Tab Discard can function. After telling Chrome to clear all tabs, with the only two accounts that I used, the amount of RAM used by Chrome decreased by more than 1. Gigabyte. Chrome, however, still consumed a considerable amount of resources and was more than 1,100MB higher than the next most intensive application; however, it’s significantly better at utilizing resources.

Auto Tab Discard doesn’t start working for every tab but can be used on specific accounts. Tabs that play media, or haven’t been saved with form data, will remain unchanged — as will tabs you’ve pinged. However, there are several options to alter the way Auto Tab Discard handles each open account, as well as charges that you’ll have to examine your own.

Overall, Auto Tab Discard might be one of the most beneficial Google Chrome extensions. Please test it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.