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The possibility of an “NFL Plus” streaming service in the works

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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The NFL is currently working on its streaming service for consumers directly to the consumer, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said to CNBC during an interview. Goodell did not specify what content will be offered through this platform, described as “NFL Plus,” but the league plans to launch it during the coming NFL season (Source).

“We think it’s very important to have a relationship directly with the consumer,” Goodell stated. “We believe we’ve got a lot of content as well as a lot of potential to accomplish this. The people are eager for it, and we’re extremely enthusiastic about the possibilities of what NFL Plus is going to be. However, it’s still in its beginning stage. I believe that over time, you’ll see it continue to increase. It will also be a great chance for us to to talk to the fans we love directly. That’s a key plan for us to follow.”

We could hear more information within the next few weeks.

In terms of when it could be made available, “timing will be for this season, at least in the initial phase,” said the official. “The details, we’ll wait and let you know in a few weeks.” The NFL did not immediately respond to a request to comment.

The month of May was when Sports Business Journal announced that NFL Plus is expected to begin its launch in May and include live games. However, the games available will be limited to the ones available in your area. The service is expected to cost about 5 dollars monthly, though sources said Sports Business Journal that might alter the price. The service might also offer podcasts, radio, and content created by teams.

In the CNBC interview, Goodell was also discussing the possible future home of NFL Sunday Ticket that is set to switch to a new platform when the NFL’s deal with DirecTV to offer the popular service expires at the close of 2022’s season. AppleAmazon, and Disney are the firms vying to sign the deal. Goodell stated to CNBC that it was “I believe” NFL Sunday Ticket will eventually be shifted to a streaming service.

We may know the new home for the NFL Sunday Ticket this fall.

“We believe that these new platforms give us an ability to innovate beyond where we are today and make the experience for our consumers so much better,” Goodell stated. “It will be more accessible to our fans, particularly the younger generation we’re trying to reach out to. I believe this will increase the accessibility of people who are fans.

I think it will provide a better experience to fans and we’re thrilled about this.” Goodell expects the NFL will announce its Sunday Ticket decision at the end of September.

Amazon is likely a good choice as the new home, especially since it has already signed a significant agreement with the NFL on Thursday Night Football. Disney is the owner of ESPN and owns the ESPN Plus streaming service. Hence, the NFL Sunday Ticket is a logical choice for them also. Although Apple TV Plus’ Friday Night Baseball debut might not be a hit, The company has just signed a deal to stream every Major League Soccer match for ten years, beginning in 2023. This shows it is a sign that the iPhone maker is committed to expanding its sporting offerings.

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