There are signs for the possibility that in 2022’s 2nd half, we may be a time of return to normalcy.

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gpu prices
(Image credit: Newegg)

Positive GPU story? Sure! There could be some hope at the end of the tunnel since reports suggest that the supply of a vital material are likely to increase due to a gradual increase in production.

As per Digitimes (via Tom’s Hardware), A shortage of substrates, particularly Ajinomoto Building-up Film (ABF) substrates, is an unreported factor leading to the GPU shortage. In the study, Asrock and TUL (the parent of Powercolor) expect to boost GPU deliveries through the second quarter of 2022 as the supply for ABF substrate material improves.

ABF substrate is a key component of the manufacturing of advanced semiconductors. It’s required to build connections between the nanoscale microprocessor die terminals to larger terminals of printed substrates. It’s only one of the substances required for the manufacture of chips. It is yet another indication of how complicated the supply chain for chip manufacturing is and how vulnerable it can be in the event of an interruption.

ABF manufacturing companies are speeding up manufacturing to satisfy the increased demand created by the outbreak and the demand created by miners. Modern electronic manufacturing facilities could take years to move from the initial planning stage until the products are ready to leave the warehouse. We’re already two years into the outbreak, and we can expect that the plans laid out in the mid-2020 period will come to the realization sooner than later.

These bottlenecks can cause shortages downstream that impact entire industries. The GPU is composed of many components. These components come with their materials and suppliers and the facilities and tools to make these components. It’s not just a matter of increasing the production of chips with the flick of a button.

It is interesting (or possibly in a way); Asrock and Powercolor only make AMD cards. It’s unclear if the two companies bought additional ABF substrates or received confirmation from AMD that they did. It doesn’t matter. Just give gamers more GPUs. The good news is the best.

We’re already one month into 2022, which means the second quarter of 2022 is closing quick. The dramatic decline in cryptocurrency prices could cause the cooling of new mining purchases. In reality, GPU pricing has been soaring all through January in certain locations. Let’s hope this isn’t the only positive GPU story we’ll write about in 2022. We’re looking for something to celebrate about!