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The Xbox controller won't connect. How do I fix issues with sync between Xbox as well as PC
Source: Windows Central

Even the best Xbox controllers may become disconnected from time to time for various causes. If an unruly update has resulted in your controller going offline or if you’ve altered the settings of your Xbox to begin from scratch, There are many methods to reset and resynchronize your controller so that you can be back playing.

Here are some steps you can follow to determine the issue.

Resync your Xbox controller wirelessly.

The Xbox controller won't connect. How do I fix issues with sync between Xbox as well as PC
Source: Windows Central

One of the first things you have is to connect your Xbox controller to your Xbox console. The steps can be used on any modern Xbox console, from Xbox 360 to Xbox 360 to Xbox Series X or Series S.

  1. Hold and press the Xbox Logo button between 8 and 10 seconds until the controller stops turning off.
  2. Hold your Xbox button for a few minutes, and then release it until it returns. When you let go of the button, your Xbox button will blink slowly, signifying that it’s not synchronized to any other device.
  3. Hold and then press the binding button on either side of the device. It’s located close to a USB port, as seen in the above image.
  4. This is the Xbox button that will flash faster and signal that you’re now on pairing mode.
  5. Hold the button to connect your Xbox console. It’s in the console’s front and maybe at different locations based upon the type of console. It’ll have identical wireless icons to the one in the console.
  6. Keep your Xbox controller in the same place near your console. After both lights are solid and synchronized, they will turn solid.

Resync Xbox controller using a USB-C cable

The Xbox controller won't connect. How do I fix issues with sync between Xbox as well as PC
Source: Windows Central

If your wireless buttons do not work the way you want, you can force pairing using a USB cable.

  1. To accomplish this, try to cut off all electricity on the Xbox. Hold the button that runs the Xbox until it is entirely off, and then turn off all power to the console for about a moment or so. This is the complete power cycle of your console.
  2. Before switching to the Xbox console, connect your Xbox controller and connect it to the Xbox console with a USB cable.
  3. Turn off your Xbox console by turning an attached Xbox controller and pressing the Xbox button.
  4. When the Xbox console has entirely switched on and fully powered up, you’ll be able to disconnect from the USB cable. But, the controller will be fully synced and have received the pairing information directly from the controller.

Additional troubleshooting methods

If neither of the above solutions proves successful, There are other ways to solve the problem.

  • Tap the button to bind at the top of your Xbox console. By double-tapping the binding button, you can change the signal between Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless, and there’s the possibility of switching into Bluetooth mode by accident.
  • Try disconnecting the near¬†Microsoft Wireless headsets. Sometimes specific wireless headsets are reported to be causing interference in the direction of the Xbox Controller signals.
  • Connect other peripherals such as keypads or headsets that are wired, and then attempt to sync them once more.
  • Verify that Your battery has been filled. A low battery can lead to problems in sync.
  • Try syncing using an alternative controller capable of determining if the issue is related to the Xbox or the controller on its own.

Get in touch with Microsoft to make repairs.

If none of these methods work, you may need to contact Microsoft to request a solution if none of the above fails. If the controller works in other Xbox consoles, but you can’t connect various Xbox controllers to an Xbox, this could indicate an issue with the wireless device connected to the Xbox. If the device cannot function on different Xbox consoles or with Bluetooth on your mobile or computer system, the issue is likely with wireless connectivity to your controller. Repairs offered by Microsoft are relatively simple. However, it’s contingent on the local laws and state of warranty.

  1. Log into your Xbox account through¬†Microsoft’s portal for devices here.
  2. Select “Register the product” from the right and follow the steps to register the entry of your controller or console.
  3. You’ll need the serial number to join the site. For Xbox consoles, the serial number can typically be located in the lower right corner of the console. Typically, it’s located within the battery door on one side of the controllers.
  4. If your device is still covered by warranty and you own it, you’ll be able to click on it to request repairs.