Google PixelThe third and secret Google Pixel 7 model could...

The third and secret Google Pixel 7 model could overtake that of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.


If Google teased Google Pixel 7 Pro and 7 Pro during the keynote address of the annual Google IO conference at Google IO conference, we believed we’d seen all of the lines. After all, the Google Pixel 6 and the 6 Pro were the only models in the line (not including the Pixel 6a spin-off).

We may be wrong, but rumours suggest there could be another member of the line. 9to5Google (opens in a new browser) has found bits of Google code referencing a model with the tag G10. The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are already associated with those tags C10 and P10, So it’s probably not one of them. The Pixel 7a, as well as an unidentified Pixel phone, are identified as Felix as well as Lynx.

This G10 phone is distinct – and, more importantly, some specs were tied to it, making it sound quite expensive. According to reports, it will come with the Tensor chipset, a 120Hz screen refresh rate, 1440×3200 resolution and sizes that make it evident that it’s a handset and not a tablet.

The code sounds like it’s a Pixel 7 device, and the specs suggest it’s more like the Pro model than the basic model. Our bet is on this as an upgrade for the Pro model. Many companies have Pro Plus or Ultra versions of their flagship models, which could also be Google’s version on the matter.

The leak isn’t the only rumour or leak of the existence of a top-of-the-line Google smartphone, and we’ll have to wait and see what other leakers and analysts are thinking; however, if the phone is true, it could mean the end of Samsung.

Analysis: a real Galaxy S22 Ultra rival

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is in the middle of our list of the most powerful smartphones, and with the reason that it is a top choice – it features top-quality design, lots of power, and amazing cameras.

It’s common to compare high-end smartphones with those at launch, naming the S22 Ultra rivals based on their appearance or cost, but Google is among the few companies that can challenge Samsung to take the top position.

It’s since Google has a long history of creating great camera phones since its AI processing is awe-inspiring to optimize the camera’s scene. The main reason Google’s Google Pixel 6 Pro doesn’t surpass it is that Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra has more cameras and a couple of additional modes.

Suppose the Google Pixel 7 Ultra came with a larger camera selection. In that case, it could offer an alternative to the Galaxy S22 Ultra a run for its money when it comes to the power of photography and, in turn, be a worthy contender for our top position. In addition, Google could bring some features that Samsung isn’t offering – we’d be interested in seeing the macro mode and adjustable AI settings.

Yes, the phone will have to be a solid performer in other areas. The Pixel 6’s software glitches will have to be eliminated. However, the 6 series has already been top in our best phone rankings.

If there’s a Google Pixel 7 Ultra, it could do what the iPhone 13 ProOnePlus 10 Pro and Xiaomi 12 Pro haven’t managed to accomplish to take the S22 Ultra off its throne.

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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