In the fourth quarter of 2021, the Indian tablet market grew by 31 percent year-over year. The course of the year, It grew by 4 percent each year following a report published on Thursday.

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Tablet computer • India
(image credit: Lenovo)

New Delhi: Based on the Gurugram market research firm CMR in their report, among the market leaders, the only one is Lenovo has experienced double-digit growth during the quarter that ended in 2021’s fourth quarter, which has put it at the top in this competitive leaderboard.
“Driven by the pandemic and the need for companion devices at home for work, learn, and unwind, tablets continued to witness a strong growth momentum for the second year in succession,” Menka Kumari Analyst-Industry-Intelligence Group (IIG), CMR, said in an email.
The shipment of Tablets with displays of 8 inches accounted for 16 percent of the total deliveries in India. India is a market. Yet, Tablets with 10-inch and above displays made up 74% of all shipments.

Tablet computer • India

Lenovo has taken over this tablet market in India because it is designed for business use. The Lenovo Tab M10 HD Tablet series has a market share of 32 percent based on the value per unit (Rs between 7,700 to up to 25,000) market.

Lenovo delivered shipments experienced an increase of 23 percent YoY the CY2021. Lenovo has an extensive offline presence that caters to the needs of consumers and businesses.