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The Steam Deck is changing the way I shop for games.

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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A multiplatform game was a straightforward option for me. I’d nearly always purchase for Nintendo Switch because it is easy to play on a TV and use as a portable device. Steam Deck has put an obstacle in the process. It’s a Gaming PC handheld gaming PC that could be heavier, have a shorter battery, or not include a Switch-like dock that lets me play my games onto a larger screen. Still, since I can count on Steam games being out longer shortly, I have to decide the games I purchase from the Steam storefront rather than Nintendo’s.

steam deck games

It’s a fact I’m going to say up front that I had never owned any gaming PC at all until I received the Steam Deck in April. It was a long time since I mostly played games for video on Nintendo platforms. It started to delve deep into PS4 and Xbox libraries with the epidemic outbreak. (I purchased a PS4 to play Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Then things got more intense as I played.)

Watching over 200 games in my Steam Deck was eye-opening.

While I’ve bought lots of Steam games for sale or through Humble Bundles, I’ve only been able to play a handful on laptops from my old work computers or private MacBook Air. Its Steam Deck is, in contrast, a more efficient gaming device than any laptop I’ve owned. After I set it up in my home, I could access over 200 PC games I’d previously claimed or purchased and could play them from the comfort of my sofa or connect via an external screen. I had a sense that this was going to be the scenario when I submitted my reservations with Steam Deck earlier this year; however, actually playing the games on my device was quite eye-opening.

steam deck games

However, there’s no guarantee they’ll be compatible with Nintendo’s next console regarding Switch games. For now, I hope that Nintendo decides to make the console backwards compatible with the games I have purchased on my Switch purchases. I’m betting on it. Nintendo is always looking for ways to make it easier to resell older games.

I would’ve liked to have transferred Mario Kart 8 from my Wii U to the Switch; however, to be able to play with my friends during the outbreak, I was forced to pony for the total cost of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Access to games from the past is one of the significant advantages of your Nintendo Switch Online subscription. However, all of those Virtual Console purchases I made earlier in the year aren’t for my Switch. Additionally, Nintendo does not hesitate to close down stores.

With Steam On the other side, I’m confident that nearly everything I purchase with Steam’s Steam Deck today is compatible with any future Steam Deck and Gaming-capable PC. I’m going to assume that Valve isn’t bought or disappeared from the map. Anything can happen in the video gaming business, so maybe I shouldn’t make a fool of myself -however, Valve appears to have an excellent thing going.

I’d also note the fact that when I’ve played when it comes to the Stream Deck, I’ve typically preferred smaller and independent titles such as The Hotline MiamiInside, and The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe.

The most appealing feature of the Switch is how easily it can switch from handheld mode to TV mode as you place the device in its dock. And even though Steam Deck can connect to external displays, Steam Deck can be associated with external screens, and it’s no option that’s similar to that Switch experience.

I’d like to see that it wasn’t for the Steam Deck dock hadn’t been delayed.

I was anticipating Steam Deck’s officially launched Steam Deck to see if this was even close to being available; however, since it’s delayed, I’ll be waiting.

At the moment, I’m choosing the Switch for a variety of games. (There are significant games such as Zelda and Metroid, which can only be played exclusively on Switch.) However, what was once an obvious choice is now something I must be thinking about since Valve is constantly improving its Steam deck. The Steam Deck continues to improve, and my favourites shortly could be problematic.



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