Save an incredible $920 on the 65-inch model.
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One of the top OLED TVs we’ve seen and tested, the LG C1, is currently on sale through Woot, an Amazon company, for just $180 lower than its original price of $2500.

If you’ve never shopped on Woot before, don’t be worried. Amazon purchased the website back in 2010 and has maintained it since then, which means purchasing from Woot is like buying directly from Amazon. Additionally, you’ll get your usual Prime benefits via Woot as well.

65-inch LG C1 OLED TV deal

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The C-Series series of OLED TVs by LG was a significant player in television for quite a while. At What Hi-Fi? We thought that the C1 was well worth the initial $2500. We gave it five stars in our review. So at just $1580, this 65-inch television is a tough one to turn down If you search for an upgrade to your current set.

Regarding image quality, the LG C1 produces a sharp, clean, clear image that has stunning contrast and incredible detail, even in dark environments. In addition, 120Hz and VRR support make the C1 an ideal device for those who play video games, too. Any content you enjoy will look stunning on the C1 OLED screen, whether games, films, television, or other content.

The sound quality of C1’s sound is impressive. LG C1 impresses, too, in comparison to the standard TV speakers. The C1 has a clear and well-balanced sound and is an excellent addition to a cinematic vibe. Naturally, when you have an item like the C1, we’d suggest pairing it with an external audio system such as soundbars or soundbar; however, compared to other models, the speakers from the C1 are excellent sounding option.

Finally, the C1 includes all the popular intelligent TV features you recognize and enjoy. The remote is easy to use, its interface is straightforward to navigate, and you’ll have no problem accessing your preferred streaming services. Additionally, the C1 comes with a range of HDMI 2.1 inputs which means you’ll have no issues connecting your external source.

If you’re in the market for a stunning TV but don’t want to spend a hefty price, Make sure you avail the LG C1 OLED deal before it’s gone.