Contrary to what many believe, the most crucial Samsung televisions are offered with a lower price tag than previous models in the coming generation, but not in all countries or all versions.
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The prices of Samsung's 4K TVs in 2022 are great for you, but bad news to OLED TVs.
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has announced the prices of its brand new 2020 Neo QLED 4K televisions for the UK. When we compare it with prices that have been announced in the US and other parts of Europe, we’ll have an understanding of what you can expect to pay for the best of the best Samsung TVs this year, without needing to go through similar price increases we see in the case of LG’s 2020 OLED television.

The price of the models is not subject to cuts all over the board. However, there are price cuts for models predicted to be the most expensive, making this incredible technology accessible for more people‚ÄĒnotably, the Samsung QN85B and the Samsung QN90B (via¬†flatpanelshd¬†). Specific models keep prices identical to the earlier models, and that’s winning in 2022…

They are two of the most affordable models, which feature a Neo QLED panel, which is an essential upgrade on the panel with QLED you find in more small Samsung televisions. Neo QLED features mini-LED backlighting, which is smaller and brighter and offers better dimming control of the area that boosts the brightness dramatically, especially in the latest models, which come with more precise settings to dim the front light.

The most exciting price drop is found on the Samsung QN85B, the most affordable Neo QLED option initially. When we conducted the Samsung QN85A testing, we evaluated the model to 2021 with five stars. Therefore, the idea of a new model bringing the cinematic qualities and decreasing the cost is a wish that needs to be achieved.

I have been hoping that the constant declines in costs of LCD panels could result in real price reductions, but prices are increasing in other sectors, and this was thought possible.

In recent years, LG has shaken up the ranks of the top OLED televisions with the introduction of a range of new models that are significantly less expensive than were capable of beating the Neo QLED TVs from Samsung in terms of price but still retaining OLED as an option for those searching for the best mid-priced options. The Samsung QN85B will likely give the QN85B an uphill battle regarding how rich the set is then similar OLED models, and it’s likely to be a difficult choice.

In the previous article, it’s not the case that all 2022 Samsung TVs will be experiencing price cuts, but. Unfortunately, the most popular Samsung The Frame TVs will be priced higher. It’s unclear why this is, since there’s no improvement to their specifications, aside from an upgraded matt display.

Samsung’s 4K TV cost to be kept in mind and the price from the previous year’s brackets:

Samsung QN85B


65 inch PS2500/$2000(PS2500/$2200)


85 inch PS5000/$4000 (PS5000/$4500)

Samsung QN90B

43 in PS1300/$TBC (PS1300/$1300)

50 in PS1500/$TBC (PS1800/$1400)


65 in PS2700 / $2500 (PS2800/$2600)

75″¬†PS4000 or $TBC¬†(PS4000/$3500)

85 inch PS5500/$5000 (PS5500/$5000)

Samsung The Frame 2022 (all US prices TBC)



55 inch PS1700 (PS1500)



85 in PS4700 (N/A)

We may have focused our attention on 4K TVs in this whole thing since the news isn’t all that favorable for Samsung’s 8K TVs that have seen their prices stay stable in some instances but increase in others. I’m still doubtful about whether Samsung will remain the top choice for¬†the top 8K TVs, but¬†it’s an excellent opportunity for other manufacturers to compete with Samsung’s prices…

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