To be sold through Flipkart.

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The New Dizo Do Watch 2 Sports smartwatch has a 1.69-inch display and a long battery life.
(Image credit: Dizo)

Dizo Do, the first brand to join the Realme TechLife ecosystem, will launch its latest low-cost smartwatch in India. The codenamed Dizo Watch 2 Sports Smartwatch can be available on Flipkart and the website. The website will unveil the launch date, which will be on March 2nd.

This Dizo Watch 2 Sports will come with features such as 5ATM water resistance, a tracker for 110 sports modes, a massive 1.69-inch touchscreen display, and many other features. In addition, the watch features an extended dial, and the collection has 600 nits when it is at its highest, which is enough to read texts in bright sunlight.

The company has chosen to provide all specifications for the new fitness tracker. And will release the cost on the launch date. After a quick look at the features and specifications below, it is apparent that it will be priced accordingly. So do Watch 2 Sports might be priced somewhat excessive. So we suggest that it be priced at 3000 rupees. 3000.

Do Watch 2 Sports specifications and features.

It is believed that Dizo Watch 2 Sports is expected to have a large 1.69-inch screen with a touch screen. Although the company states that the display will feature 600 nits of brightness at its peak and is a “high-speed screen.” it’s unclear if the show is an OLED as well as an LCD screen. In addition to that, when comparing the Dizo model to its predecessor, Dizo watch 2, Dizo watch 2, the firm claims the latest model is lighter by a factor of 20 percent.

The New Dizo Do Watch 2 Sports smartwatch has a 1.69-inch display and a long battery life.
(Image credit: Dizo )

The 260mAh battery inside the watch will require approximately an hour to charge fully. It is designed to provide ten days of battery life. The company states that the watch is fitted with speed charging capabilities. According to the claim, the charge time of 10 minutes will give a whole one week’s backup.

The watch provides live heart rate monitoring in real-time and SpO2 tracker and a menstrual cycle tracker, and the ability to monitor sleep. Additional features include breathing exercises and consumption reminders, music controls, the camera remote, and notifications of calls and alerts via various apps.

The New Dizo Do Watch 2 Sports smartwatch has a 1.69-inch display and a long battery life.
(Image credit: Dizo )

The most notable feature of this model is the ability to track more than 110 indoor and outdoor sports activities. This is an enormous improvement from the previous model. Then, it was the case that Dizo Watch 2 could only monitor 15 activities. Watch 2 Sports Watch 2 Sports is also equipped with over 150 watches faces which let you personalize the watch to suit your preferences. It comes in six distinct color options: Classic Black, Silver Grey, Dark Green, Passion Red, Ocean Blue, and Golden Pink.

In terms of the advanced capabilities, Dizo states that the device will include call notifications and the ability to control the camera and music and allow users to switch off and muffle any phone calls. Additionally, make claims it is anticipated the Watch 2 Sports will get GPS tracking of the routes and the capability to share workout data in the future and updates to come.