Patent application filed by Apple, which was recently approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
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The most recent Apple patent application suggests a health-focused version on AirTags.

The USPTO has suggested the idea of an Apple device that could be connected to one or many wearable tags for monitoring various health-related actions.
The Cupertino company’s invention, Patent Application Number 20220079521, can be used to monitor the user’s physical activity, such as running, walking, and biking. The device can include a heart rate and sensor for blood oxygen levels. It can be utilized in many ways, such as fitness therapy, fall detection, and running aid.
The concept behind HTML0 that Apple wants patents for can be described as a sophisticated version of AirTags used to keep track of health.
The tags that wearables form a part of this system can be placed on various body parts or even on clothes. The tags may be different sensors that collect various kinds of sensor information depending on the health-related function for which the wearer wears the tag.
The device is utilized to establish or regulate the data received by the tags.
This is a patent application that we aren’t sure exactly when it will become accessible to the general public for buy. However, it is a breakthrough in Apple patents that all customers of Apple products ought to take note of.