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The most efficient monitor in the world can be found in Chinese, and the highest frequency is at 500 Hz.

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fatima khan
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It’s still necessary to have graphics cards that can match.


The most efficient monitor in the world

This company ranks as one of the less-known players on the market, even though they have established themselves as the leading one worldwide in flat-screen technology. And it has accomplished this feat within record-breaking time. BOE Technology is one of the Chinese BOE Technology BOE Technology has announced one of the first display sporting gaming with an average of 500 Hz refresh. A score much higher than the most responsive models like those from the Acer Predator X25, the ROG Swift PG259 by Asus, an AOC AGON AG254FG, and the Alienware Aw2521H and Oculux NXG253R by MSI, which are all “content” with a frequency of 360 Hz.

Gaming monitors: what’s it used for?

However, before you get swooning over the idea of having some advantage on the reactions of your competitors in the center of a LAN-Party, be aware that the BOE monitor is currently in the status of prototyping. It’s a 27-inch Full HD model, with 8-bit output and the capability to accommodate eight channels of eDP signal, designed to be used as a demonstration device.

To benefit from this impressive display “throughput,” you will need to … supply good photos. What kind of graphic card or collection of similar cards can produce greater than 500 frames simultaneously in a forthcoming sporting event?

However, this capability is impressive proof of the rapid development of Chinese companies on a global size. No. 1 in the world for production capacity in 2019. previously been placed fourth a year ago and was ranked third the previous year, BOE Technology has passed LG Display and Samsung. Another essential Chinese rival, CSOT (China Star Optoelectronics Technology), is an affiliate that is part of TCL and is currently being re-branded and is likely to rank second in the next year. Korean companies, however, remain ahead in the manufacturing screen OLEDs.

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