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The Most Affordable TV Alternative Sling TV, Increases Its Price

Sling TV, one of the most affordable YouTube TV alternatives, hit with a price increase

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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This Google’s live TV streaming service, YouTube TV, has increased its price and it is now not affordable over the past several year it was one of the most best stream live Tv Without any cable subscription which is known as Sling Tv price is skyrocketed, but it is not that much hike its pretty minor.

This New prices will be Effective for new subscribers, There will be $5 price increase in Sling Tv across all its services.

It should be noted that this price increase will also take place on the bills of existing customers as well but only as of bills going out on December 3, 2022, or later.

The price increase will affect Sling TV’s all services as follows:

  • Sling Orange: $35 $40
  • Sling Blue: $35 $40
  • Sling Blue & Orange: $50 $55

This is the Official a blog post regarding the change, Sling Group President Gary Schanman said that raising prices is “not something we take lightly.

He explain breifly about the increase of price and also tells us why they have increased this price “price of programming continues to rise.” The post goes on to tease plans for the future including “plans to add 150-plus new channels through 2023, new User Profiles for your household and auto Binge Watching capabilities.”

Last month google accounced the price hike and now Sling TV is far from the first service to see a price hike in recent memory. Although if we take a look of each streaming services like Disney they have also increased their price, with Hulu jumping to $14.99/month without ads and Disney+ jumping to $10.99/month for its ad-free plan.

And it is now also a bad news from Youtube too they are plaining to increase its price and we should expect a price hike in the recent few months. but it’s obviously been quite some time since that was said no body knows when they are going to increase its price.

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