The M1 iPad Air can’t replace a Apple MacBook Pro , but it’s close.

The M1 iPad Air can't replace a MacBook, but it's close.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

It has the M1 inside it as of today. It’s the same chip found in the MacBook Air. MacBook Air is a $999 laptop I’ve recommended several times over the past year. Furthermore, it’s the situation to replace it with MacBook Air doesn’t require as many features or support for applications as to the replacement model for it, MacBook Pro.

So, what do you consider? Could it be possible for the M1 iPad Air to be a cheaper and more flexible option compared with MacBook Air? Maybe. But it’s not without concessions.

Mobility and usability

The main usability issue comes before you even start your device. This is because you use the iPad Air is to be transported, set up, and then begin whatever you’re doing. Its first, this iPad Air weighs 2.3 pounds, including the tablet and Keyboard. It’s half a pound less than the Apple MacBook Air, and that’s half a pound lighter that you can carry around in your backpack or when you go to the workplace or your home. The iPad Air is also a smaller device, yet its design that’s slightly different, with its aspect ratio of 4:1. However, we’ll get into the issue in the future.

But, if you sit in a chair, with one on your lap or at your office desk, it’s the iPad Air immediately becomes heavy. The position in your lap isn’t optimal. It’s not because the bottom of the device that is the one that holds your Magic Keyboard isn’t sturdy. It’s definitely. It’s the size of the device that makes it inaccessible at tables. Its palm rests are too small to ensure that wrists are likely to slide onto the floor. In my case, at least. It’s not enough to fit in your lap, either.

None device has a face ID.

Also, is there a better way to open any device that isn’t the standard laptop with a clamshell? Yes, it is possible. The single finger that opens MacBook Air can be quick and simple. The Magnetic Keyboard’s hinge may be; however, it requires a few hands and movements to get it up. Once you get comfortable with this, it certainly feels more sturdy than the Surface Pro. Surface Pro. Surface Pro.

The devices listed here do not come with Face ID, so both require a fingerprint for Touch ID on their respective Power buttons. Since both devices utilize an M1, which functions as a fingerprint sensor, they’re both very quick to wake up, and it’s not an oblique flash.


The M1 iPad Air can't replace a MacBook, but it's close.

The usability extends beyond performance, but as the M1 is the main target, we’ll begin by looking at how it is like to use the M1 on iPad Air compared to the MacBook Air. It’s feasible to conduct tests, which I’ve done; however, it doesn’t reveal how this chip interacts with the iPad Air. Because it’s a device-to-device chip, the M1 is used similarly with MacBook Air and iPad Air. Both are passively cooled. This means that there aren’t fans and only the incredible efficiency of M1. M1.

There aren’t any tests with only one app that could test. If you’re wondering, the M1 is over 40% faster than that of the A13 Bionic on the old iPad Air. However, these enhancements are only evident through multi-core tests with Geekbench. In terms of performance, the M1 is only a marginal improvement of 6% when testing single-core and is therefore dependent on the program you’re running for improvements. When Apple changed from Intel to the M1, particularly on MacBook Air, specifically in MacBook Air, it was noticeably more obvious, and it was apparent across the board in nearly everything. The transition from an A13 Bionic to an M1 isn’t as dramatic.

The swipes and scrolls are more fluid, and switching between apps is nearly effortless. There’s a boost in the graphics side of things. When you’re playing higher-end 3D games that use 8 GPU cores, you’re able to observe some subtle variations. Games like Pokemon Unite, Call of Duty Mobile or Asphalt 9 run more fluidly and can attain sixty FPS (frames each second) without issue. It’s unlikely anyone would have bought these models of the iPad Pro just for a more enjoyable gaming experience. Indeed, M1 iPad Air does not require users to pay a premium to access. It’s a great benefit. However, most games available on the App Store were created with the standard iPad equipment, which implies there’s not enough space to let the M1 test out this.

If you compare it to those on the M1 MacBook Air, the iPad Air is certainly a superior gaming device. There are certain features on the MacBook Air that you can’t perform on the iPad, such as using Fortnite or Shadow of the Tomb Raider or any other AAA Mac games available. There aren’t many games available as the M1 can only take you as far as those. I’ll choose the vast selection of games that support touch on the iPad Air in preference to Apple’s MacBook Air any day, especially because most games aren’t compatible with the Mac in the first place.

A few of the apps that could take advantage of M1 are not available for iPad users when it comes down to it. iPad. We’re talking about Final Cut, Logic, Xcode and Premiere, Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. You can accomplish various tasks using the mobile versions of these applications, but they’re not completely functional.

But most of the time you spend on the MacBook Air isn’t on innovative applications. It’s typically used to browse the internet or for word processing, and it also serves as a video conference call.

Applications that are related to work

The M1 iPad Air can't replace a MacBook, but it's close.
iPadOS split-screen mode Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Many benefits come with using iPad Air. There are numerous advantages of using the iPad Air as your primary computer. You’ll need a Magic Keyboard; however, you’ll realize how iPad Air is a total pleasure to use once you’ve got it. The Keyboard and the touchscreen are excellent and can be used with the iPad’s fantastic touch capabilities. It’s a unique experience, anything else that’s impossible to duplicate on Apple’s MacBook Air.

But, apps that you use daily could drastically alter how you think of your iPad. But many of the applications I use daily have not been a success. Google Docs is an excellent example. It’s where I used to write the majority of my work, and it’s the complete opposite. It’s impossible to select text using click and drag it or open hyperlinks, and it’s a huge inconvenience.

Also, Asana doesn’t provide the same filtering options to the iPad application and doesn’t display the links properly.

In both cases, the web-based app runs better than the iPad applications. It is an excellent alternative, especially now that you can open multiple windows within Safari using them in split-view. There are a few issues with web-based applications, but they’re far superior to the iPad application.

After switching over to my MacBook, I saw how more productive I was.

The positive thing is that Outlook for the iPad is amazing, as it is Microsoft Word. If you’re able to be part of the world of software that includes Apple and other apps will be delighted by the fact that lots of them have been designed for the iPad.

I found solutions for various problems I encountered in many instances, but it was not as effective as MacBook Air. MacBook Air.

Also, If your process requires you to switch between various applications, as I do when working on my MacBook Air can always feel faster. After a few days, I grew accustomed to my routine using iPad Air. However, iPad Air, the moment I switched to a MacBook, I noticed that I was much more efficient.


The M1 iPad Air can't replace a MacBook, but it's close.

The iPad Air, as well as The MacBook Air, is a perfect videoconferencing solution. The performance isn’t a major issue; however, each has its limitations. The iPad Air has a superior camera and sharp resolution of 1080 pixels.

The camera isn’t in the correct location. The Magic Keyboard (or any other keyboard) and the iPad Air are used if it’s locked. It has a poor and unbalanced camera angle. The angle to the left isn’t exactly the most appealing, and it’s near the camera’s nose area of operation. Still, it’s at a point where I’d rather use an iPad Air camera of lower resolution and a better camera angle for making videos calls. The Center Stage is designed to aid some users, and users can use the wide-angle lens to follow your movements and ensure you’re within the frame. It’s an excellent option, especially if you’re trying to fit several people within the frame, but it’s also unable to change the camera’s angle.

Another issue with video conferencing on iPad Air is that the apps themselves are the issues with video conferencing. It’s perfect for those who only use FaceTime, but my routine usually comprises several video calls in Microsoft Teams each day. While the app functions perfectly, you need to ensure that your chat is fully-screen to remain focused on the camera. If you return to answer another chat, the stream will cease, which means everyone will be aware that you’re not getting all-encompassing attention.

The MacBook Air. MacBook Air. MacBook Air is the better videoconferencing device. It’s evident that every application functions exactly like you’d expect, regardless of whether it’s web or desktop-based applications. The only issue remains that the Air uses a resolution of 720 pixels. Contrary to MacBook Pros, which are more contemporary, the camera of the Air isn’t as sharp.

Display usability

The M1 iPad Air can't replace a MacBook, but it's close.
Mark Coppock/Digital Trends

It’s real that Apple’s iPad Air and the MacBook Air are similar screen sizes, having roughly the same pixel count and the high-end P3 spectrum of colours. When you examine them side-by-side, it’s clear that both are identical in terms of quality.

Of course, there’s an obvious difference. MacBook Air has a larger screen, and MacBook Air has a bigger screen and an aspect ratio of 16:10. Because of the 10.5-inch dimension of its iPad Air’s screen and the aspect ratio that is 4:3 makes is the majority of websites appear squishy due to the dimension of the page. This is the case with websites like and in many websites that display in odd ways.

Additionally, it is also worth noting that iPad Air comes with two distinct benefits against MacBook Air in the form of one of which is equipped with touchscreen capabilities and the incredible gesture-based support that iPadOS offers. Utilizing iPad Air and its Magic Keyboard for some time will show you how absurd it is to believe that Macs don’t support touch. The combination of a touchpad, Keyboard and touchscreen, which is all fully implemented, offers a variety of ways to finish your work. Its “floating” design of Keyboard could help raise the iPad further, making the top of the screen open with your hands.

However, the biggest issue with the iPad Air has to do with the absence of display connectivity. It’s got the thunderbolt connector you’ll require and a second one with a Magic Keyboard, but iPadOS doesn’t work with other screen devices. Mirroring is possible, but that’s not the only thing that is. This MacBook Air does not fare much better in terms of ports, aside from being the only laptop with a headphone jack; however, it’s a laptop with macOS multi-display, and should you require an additional monitor to be an element of your workflow, it’s likely to find that an iPad Air isn’t going to serve your job well.

Touchpad and Keyboard


The M1 iPad Air can't replace a MacBook, but it's close.

There’s the MacBook Air and an iPad Air. MacBook Air and iPad Air (with Magic Keyboard) come with fantastic keyboards and trackpads. Due to their dimensions alone, the MacBook Air provides the comfiest typing environment. Function row can be useful, as is the design, making it more round.

The magic Keyboard to this dimension of iPad significantly minimizes the dimensions of some keys while maintaining greater dimensions for the most important keys.

It’s the same for trackpads. Both are amazing, but the greater dimensions and the weight of the MacBook Air’s trackpad make it better suited.

A note to add I’m still noticing that there’s some delay in the tracking, especially when you move quickly. There’s a small delay before the cursor is brought to a stop. It’s difficult to identify, but it’s evident compared to Apple’s MacBook Air. To be crystal clear, this is an iPadOS issue, and it’s present on the iPad Pro. iPad Pro is also a great choice when using various iPad keyboards and mice.

Battery life

All of the MacBook Air and iPad Air can hold many batteries, and the battery can last for a long time. In an in-person playback test, the MacBook Air can playback local videos. MacBook Air manages to squeeze out a few extra hours of battery time over iPad Air. However, iPad Air is considerably longer than a comparable Windows laptop. The M1 offers iPad Air with iPad Air approximately 10% more battery capacity than the previous model, that’s not significantly different from the earlier versions.

The MacBook Air still has a place.

The M1 iPad Air can't replace a MacBook, but it's close.

Its iPad Air 5, 5th Generation, offers you access to M1 for the lowest price. The base configuration costs $599, but that’s to purchase an iPad. If you choose to upgrade it with the Magic Keyboard, you’re paying $899. This is the only cost for 64GB of storage. For the identical amount of storage like those who purchase the $99 MacBook Air, you’ll have to spend $1,049. That’s right, technically speaking, the iPad Air is more expensive.

If you primarily utilize cloud storage and web-based applications, 64GB could suffice. The iPad Air is equipped with its Magic Keyboard, a slightly cheaper alternative to the MacBook Air.

If you’re keen to be able to do without a laptop and desire to live a minimalist life, The iPad is never more suitable to accomplish this work. Between the M1 and its Magic Keyboard and updates to iPadOS and iPadOS 5th-gen iPad Air 5th-gen is an impressive MacBook Air replacement. However, some major problems in the apps, camera, and iPadOS make me not recommend an iPad Air over the MacBook Air to anyone who is a student or working.


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