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The LG’s next 42″ OLED TV is truly a piece of art

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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LG has announced its new OLED TV model with the 2nd 42-inch OLED TV, which welcomes the change from its typical minimal approach for its televisions. 

Its LG Pose range, also called the LG LX1, is an extra-thick, fabric-covered design that comes with a stand.

 It’s designed to become more of a focal point in the room rather than just a gadget that can be hung in a corner or placed in a slack corner. It’s covered with the Kvadrat fabric used for headphones (due to its high-end appearance but not affecting the sound quality, which is crucial to the speakers’ audio goals).

 The LG Pose design focuses on the screen from the front, with an edging of the fabric and the frame on the bottom that wraps around the bottom and then rises back around two-thirds from the bottom. 

The best part is that this can be transformed into an edging, which means you can utilize the rear of the television as an extra magazine rack or a ‘now playing’ station for your CD or Blu-ray player or simply place your favorite photos. It is that Pose (pronounced “pose-ay,” is also a ballet technique in which a dancer moves smoothly and effortlessly onto one leg) was designed to be in the middle of the room and seen from every angle. From the side and back, it appears to be an item of furniture designed to be attractive. From the front, it’s a smart TV.

 You can use LG’s Gallery Mode to make it look like a work of art even when it’s not playing movies.


(Image credit: LG)

The legs also come with an integrated cable management system, making it easy to connect the power source and connect for an AV receiver. Most effective audio receivers.

The TV itself is an OLED 4K Evo panel, meaning that it comes with it with the LG Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor, Dolby Atmos Dolby Vision, and HDMI 2.1 connectivity. It’s available in 42-inch sizes, 48-inch, and 55 inches – you could think of it as an ultra-stylish LG C2; however, it’s likely to come with an increased price.

The LG Pose (along with the 65-inch LG Easel, revealed at the end of last year) can be fully announced at Milan Fashion Show, starting on June 7, 2022. There we’ll likely get a price and date for its release.

Opinion: Stop trying to cover up TVs and start making them look good.

For many years, designing TVs has been to make them appear as if they’re not to make them as thin as possible, with bezels as small as they can be. In the age of ultra-thin technology, most TVs with OLED and the newest miniature-LED televisions are getting more sought-after and famous, and the most effective TVs are more compact than ever before!

 Which one is lovely?

I guess we’ll find out.

However, the massive success that is Samsung’s The Frame TV shows that maybe not every TV should be going down this particular path of evolution. Whatever you do, no matter how hard you attempt to make it appear as if the TV isn’t there even when it’s off, It is authentic. It’s a vast rectangular space! 

The Frame TVs feature an elongated border and an imposing lip that resembles the appearance of a picture frame, something we’ve all been familiar with in our living room, so the TV is a good fit in the manner by drawing attention to the frame.

The models like The Sky Glass or new TVs by Loewe have bright, vibrant colors in their design, which means they could be part of a contemporary toned look that complements the space.

It’s beautiful to observe LG embracing this as well. The Pose incorporates two legs from a sideboard that dates to the midcentury and the contemporary style of speakers covered in fabric. It’s also the first television we can think of in an extended time with an actual purpose other than watching. The shelf on the back could be a minor addition; however, it’s not common for TVs to incorporate the fact that your space includes.

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