You don't have to watch your friends chewing their food on the internet.
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Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Shutterstock/Jose Fernandez Ark)

Xbox Series X|S owners won’t have to listen to other players who scream at their microphones if Microsoft announces an update that blocks any background noises in chats that have voice chats.

Xbox Insiders that are part of the Alpha Skip Ahead ring can now avail of the latest chat-related noise cancellation function on Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X. Xbox Series S. The feature is expected to be available in the latest Xbox Update Preview and is expected to cut out irritating background noises that occur when online chats are being conducted.

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“We’ve added a brand new feature that allows the microphone input through an audio-noise reduction system to provide greater audio quality during your Party Chat session,” Microsoft states about the new feature. “The option is turned on by default, but it can be altered through the dropdown menu choices. “

When Microsoft has set the sound suppression correctly and is working, you can see a tremendous increase. You won’t be able to listen to the sound of your guest’s noisy breathing or chewing each time you participate in the conversation at a social gathering. The background noises, like the sound of dogs barking or loud bangs, should be reduced to a minimum to keep the music as low as feasible.

Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox audio is continuing to increase.

Microsoft has begun to enhance the audio capabilities of Xbox Series X substantially |S in the last few months and has released several options to improve the audio quality and choices for personalizing.

The company in February introduced an updated system for setting up your sound, which lets you try out the different options for your sound in real-time. In the past, it offered an easy chance to instantly shuts off the speakers when you connect your headphones.

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To get access to every update released, you need to sign up for the Xbox Insider program. It’s an online preview system that gives you an inside view of the future Xbox updates before when they are released available to all. To join, download your Xbox Insider app on your Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, or PC and log in.

The preview system is divided into five levels: Alpha Skip Ahead, Alpha Beta, Alpha Delta, and Omega. Alpha Skip Ahead provides access to the most recent preview builds, but they won’t be made available in the public domain for several weeks. Omega lets you look at the versions that are ready for use.

If you’d rather not depend on software to enhance your audio experience, then take your time to look at our top 10 list of most efficient¬†Xbox Series X¬†headsets or test one of the most popular Dolby Atmos Xbox Series X games to see the true impact that the immersive audio experience can bring.