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TeamGroup has released a brand new PCIe Gen 5 SSD called the T-Force Cardea. Designed specifically for gamers, the SSD is unbeatable in speed for the ability to write and read. In addition to an enormous capacity to store data.
The company claims that read speeds surpass 13,000MB/s and write speeds of more than 12,000MB/s. This SSD is far ahead of the other SSDs on the market.

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TeamGroup SSD
Image credit: TeamGroup

TeamGroup’s most recent SSD is launched in the Gaming subbrand of T-Force, and it is part of the Cardea series of SSDs. With the aforementioned super-fast read/write speeds and storage capacity of up to 4TB, it’s a premium device for users who’re the most demanding.

The T-Force Cardea is the world’s initial PCIe 5.0 NVMe 2.0 drive. When developing the drive, the company was focused on the long-term durability and longevity of the drive. It is a Gen 5.0 PCIe SSD. It has been designed to be the initial PCIe Generation and maximize its performance.

According to The company’s specifications, T-Force Cardea is designed to meet the coming generation of gaming. Moving to the next generation of PCIe will enable the drive to offer the speed needed for streaming games with seamless ease and also play games that utilize virtual reality and augmented reality. VR.

In the press release¬†released through VideoCardz, It says it is probable that this newly launched SSD is going to be as one of the top-tier the most efficient SSDs available as high as to claim that it’s the “highest-performance PCIe Gen 5 flagship SSD” at the time of its debut. It’s real that Cardea boasts a whopping 13,000MB/s read speed as well as 12,000MB/s write speeds, but it’s far from the most robust SSD available.

Image source: PCMag

We’ve seen reports of teasers and SSDs that might be able to match or even surpass the read speeds that TeamGroup’s T Force Cardea offers. Samsung recently¬†announced¬†the launch of the PCIe 5.0 SSD that has read speeds similar to that of the TeamGroup SSD that can reach 13,000MB/s. However, this new drive will have slower write speeds of only 6,600MB/s.

Kioxia has also shown the prototype of an SSD that can read at 14,000MB/s. According to PCMag, they will be equipped with 32Gbps of data speed for each Lane. While Kioxia may shortly achieve T-Force outclassed in terms of reading speed, Cardea emerges victorious where speed of writing is involved because Kioxia’s SSDs will reach a speed of 7000MB/s. Adata has also discussed its upcoming PCIe 5.0 SSD with reading and writes speeds of 14,000MB/s or 12GB/s, respectively.

Each next generation of PCIe is twice as fast as the previous generation, and the latest generation is quite modern. Before the release of Intel Alder Lake in late 2021, the technology was not in use. Today, Alder Lake CPUs support PCIe Gen 5.0, and AMD will soon announce its AM5 socket that will support both PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 memory. So, we could see these super-fast SSDs more often, maybe soon.