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The latest Sims 4 expansion wants me to relive the worst years of my life

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fatima khan
fatima khan
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High school. Either the best or worst years of your life and for me, they firmly fall into the latter camp. It’s not exactly a time I look back fondly on, but maybe The Sims 4 can change that with its new High School Years expansion pack.

Eagle-eyed Sims fans clued up to the theme of this pack pretty quickly, but now a brand-new trailer and official announcement have confirmed we’ll be getting a more thorough, fleshed-out teenage Sim experience. High school is no longer some mysterious void your teens get shipped off to each morning—they’ll be able to attend classes in person, decorate their lockers and hang out around the school building. There’ll also be major events like proms and graduations for teen sims to attend, with the latter probably working in a similar fashion to the University Life expansion.

Teens themselves seem to be getting more traits, behaviours and interaction options that will help better differentiate them from young adult and adult sims. It looks like they’ll have more interactions around pranks and other mischiefs, be able to sneak out past curfew, skip class or ask their crushes out on a date. I’m also hoping to satiate my boba addiction in the virtual world too, with the trailer showing a group of teens grabbing the delightful bubbly beverage.

It’ll be nice to have yet another age group feel more defined and… well, behave like their actual age. Teens have felt so indistinguishable from young adults and adults throughout The Sims 4, considering all three age groups share near-identical models and wardrobe. These types of expansions are always the ones I look forward to the most, and I can’t wait to have more reasons to play with teen sims.

The Sims 4 High School Years is out on July 28, with a couple of bonus goodies if you decide to preorder the expansion.

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