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The Keynote from AMD Computex 2022 Recap All Team Red announced


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The most exciting part of the AMD Computex 2022 conference was when we learned more about AMD’s latest-generation Ryzen, the 7000 line of desktop computers. AMD has been pushing Intel on PCs that run on the desktop for a time in the past, and its current Ryzen 5500 processors have proved to be among its most efficient processors today.

Based on the images we saw on the stage during Computex 2022, AMD is determined to keep the pressure on. The processors are based on the 5nm-efficient Zen 4 architecture; the processors will offer more than an L2 memory core. They also will have a more incredible clock speed and over 15 percent more single-thread performance per AMD than AMD 5500 chip.

We also unveiled the Ryzen 7000 CPU, which was running at a 5.5GHz clock speed in gameplay. The processors are regarded as excellent gaming CPUs. However, AMD also showcased the CPU’s capabilities through a multi-threaded render task using the popular Blender software. AMD claimed that the Ryzen 7000 processor offers an impressive increase of 30% in performance over the Intel Core i9-1200K.

It’s an impressive claim, particularly given that the product AMD presented was just a prototype. The final product might be better. It granted AMD the confidence to attack its competition Intel during their speech. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to hear Intel’s reaction as, unlike the previous years, Team Blue won’t be giving an address at Computex 2022.

This is interesting to know it’s true that Zen 4 chips will come with integrated AMD RDNA 2 graphics. It’s an excellent feature for those that require good graphics but don’t need an extra graphics card, as the Editor-in-Charge of Computing, John Loeffler, claimed during the live webcast. Likely, you won’t see many users using the top Ryzen 7000 processors without an embedded graphics card.

Additional announcements

AMD has also spoken about its brand-new AM5 socket, a 1718-pin LGA design that can support as high as 170W TDP processors, two channels of DDR5 memory, and an all-new SVI3 electrical infrastructure. This allows performance to be consistently high and consistent throughout all processors. Intel usually has an edge.

AM5 socket will be the motherboard’s choice to support Ryzen 7000 CPUs. According to AMD, it is among the “most PCIe 5.0 lanes in the industry” that could accommodate as many as 24 lanes.

AM5 motherboards will become available at three levels.

  • the Extreme X670 offers the most potent connectivity and capabilities for extreme overclocking by using PCIe 5.0 support for two slots for supporting graphics and one storage slot.
  • X670 allows enthusiasts overclocking by using PCIe 5.0 support in a single storage slot with graphics support.
  • B650 is created specifically for people who need performance as well as support PCIe 5.0 support for storage

Asrock, Asus, Megabyte, and MSI were listed as motherboard manufacturers set to launch AM5-compatible motherboards.

In the mobile space, AMD announced a new Zen 2-based “Mendocino” processor, which will be found in budget and mid-priced laptops and Chromebooks priced between 399-$799 (PS299 and PS599 560-AU$999) price the same. With the present crisis in living costs, it might be beneficial to have AMD power laptops that cost less.

The first Chromebooks and laptops equipped with Mendocino CPUs will arrive in the fourth quarter of 2022.

There was speculation about AMD Advantage laptops that will use AMD hardware to provide a premium gaming experience with high-refresh displays and longer battery life. They’ll also use AMD SmartAccess Storage, which supports Microsoft DirectStorage, and other AMD capabilities that will help games run more quickly and improve performance when streaming content.

Analysis: GPUs MIA

We were impressed by the bulk of what we saw at AMD’s presentation (which you can view in the following video). AMD is undoubtedly at its peak in terms of its processors, and it’s exciting to see a company taking the fight to its competitors. However, we’ll not be able to see Intel’s reaction until Computex 2022 and 2022. Team Blue has been developing next-generation CPUs that will compete with AMD and Intel this year, which means this year’s event will be exciting when it comes to processors.

However, AMD doesn’t just make CPUs. It was missing at the show this year, which included GPUs. We’d wanted to know more details regarding AMD’s next-generation RDNA three-graphics card, but they weren’t in the spotlight.

We’re likely still a ways away from the release of RDNA 3. AMD recently announced several new GPUs that are currently-gen and include the RX 6950 XT, RX 6750 XT, and the RX 6650 XT. They likely didn’t intend to ruin the launch by focusing on the next coming thing; however, it’s a shame that we didn’t get any details.
AMD’s main competitor, Nvidia, will be present at Computex 2022. In its keynote, scheduled for the next few hours, we may discover what Team Green is cooking up to bring GPUs to the next generation.

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