PC GUIDESThe Japanese PC that ran the original Metal Gear...

The Japanese PC that ran the original Metal Gear is coming back after 30 years of extinction


The MSX PC is barely known in the West, but it was Microsoft Japan’s big 1980s play for parts of the Asian computer market. A joint project with the ASCII Corporation, the MSX was an attempt to create a ‘standard’ PC architecture in the same way that VHS had become the de facto videotape format.

The first MSX systems were manufactured by Mitsubishi and launched in October 1983 in Japan (though the whole point was that any company could manufacture them, which many including Sony did). Seven million MSX machines would be sold in Japan over the next years, making it both a viable games platform (the Metal Gear series began on MSX2) and a part of the cultural fabric. It was always an underdog (opens in new tab), but beloved in its day.

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