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The HyperX ProCast is an XLR microphone Pro-level audio for a price

HyperX’s new ProCast XLR Microphone is so good it has a massive 1-inch gold condenser

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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HyperX’s microphone line-up is already pretty popular with content creators and streamers. Especially the RGB-tastic HyperX Quadcast S.

Now the company has revealed its first XLR condenser microphone and is promising professional-grade capture quality for high-quality audio performance. Ideal for those looking to improve the quality of their lives streams, videos, podcasts and more.

What you need to know

  • HyperX, now owned by HP, has announced its new ProCast XLR Microphone
  • The mic features an XLR connection, a cardioid polar pattern input, and a gold-sputtered large diaphragm condenser capsule.
  • The HyperX ProCast large diaphragm condenser mic will be available in the U.S. through Amazon, Best Buy, and the online HyperX Shop for $249.99 MSRP starting in October.

  • Frequency response 20Hz~20kHz
  • Sensitivity 38± 3dBV (1V/Pa at1kHz)
  • Maximum input sound level 140dBSPL (THD 1%@1kHz)
  • Noise (RMS) -118dBV (A-weighting)
  • Signal-to-noise ratio 75dB


Connector XLR
Pick-up pattern Cardioid
Capsule type Large diaphragm condenser
Onboard controls -10Db gain toggle, 80Hz high-pass toggle
Mount Permanent shock mount with 3/8-inch and 5/8-inch female threading
Frequency response 20Hz~20kHz
Power requirements 48V Phantom power
Output impedance 16 Ohm
Dimensions and weight 134L x 102W x 209H (mm) | 376g (mic), 127g (shock mount), 503g (total)



XLR mics are pretty featureless in many ways. There are usually only two controls you’ll commonly find on the microphone itself, and both are present here: a -10dB gain toggle and a high-pass filter switch. The first will help you better dial in your volume levels, while the latter will help reduce unwanted low-frequency sounds. Both expand the flexibility of the ProCast a bit while allowing the connected USB interface or mixer to do the heavy lifting, as it should.


Again, this is an XLR mic. That means it uses the round, three-pin connector that’s powered pro microphones for many decades. Without going into technical details of how XLR connectors impact signal-to-noise ratios, or interference, I’ll just say it provides just about the cleanest, purest audio input available. There’s a reason why it’s remained the industry standard for so many years.

The connector on the ProCast is as sturdy and precisely manufactured as in any XLR mic I’ve used, providing that satisfying click that is a trademark of the connector. It would have been great if the ProCast included an XLR cable, and a great opportunity for HyperX to include a bit more of its trademark red accents. But, at least you can get cheap, good, long XLR cables for about $10 to $15.


The best way to experience the sound quality is to hear it yourself above. But, if you’d rather read my opinion… I could wax poetic about overtones and timbre, and other audiophile words that are thrown around far too often. Instead, I’ll focus on the things most gamers will actually care about.

First, the ProCast is clear, very clear. It’s the kind of microphone that will get comments in voice chat. I’ve been asked more than a few times if I’m “a streamer or something” when using good XLR mics, the ProCast included. There’s an entirely different quality to the audio than even a good headset mic provides. It’s more realistic, with none of that compressed, nasal sound that drives everyone nuts when they can’t understand your voice chat callouts.


The HyperX ProCast large diaphragm condenser mic will be available in the U.S. through Amazon, Best Buy, and the online HyperX Shop for $249.99 MSRP starting in October.

If you’d like to hear the ProCast in action, tune into the Windows Central Podcast this Friday at 1:30 PM ET, as I’ll be using it, while co-host Zac Bowden will be using the HyperX QuadCast, letting you compare the two.

For those on a budget, check out HyperX’s new $100 DuoCast USB microphone, complete with RGB lighting.

The HyperX ProCast is retailing for $249.99 and is available to buy in October.

You can also buy HyperX QuadCast S – RGB USB Condenser Microphone for PC

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