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The Google Play Store looks to be getting a new logo

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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Google changed the Play icon for the last time in 2016 when Play Movies & TV and Music were still alive and well. 

The Google Play Store logo is changing six years later.
The icon used to have more shadows before the 2016 redesign, which also placed everything into triangles.

The new Google Play logo is still triangular, but the corners are more rounded than the existing one. The four colors currently in use are closer to the Google colors. 

This is a clear trend and mandate from recent redesigns. We cannot help but notice how dark and muted the icon is compared with other first-party services.

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The colors blue and green are less vibrant than the other components. However, the internal partition has been rearranged to roughly equal in size. The blue triangle is larger than the three different components.

Google Play new logo

Current vs. upcoming

This icon is only available in a low-resolution version. You can find it in GPay or Google Pay – soon wallet – when you make Play Store transactions, such as adding credit to your account. It is also known as the merchant icon. It is not apparent when it was last updated.

It is not available in the Play Store app or This site was recently redesigned. This would have been a great time to announce it.

It’s unclear when Google will unveil the new Play Store logo. Google Play has removed the Movies & TV tab. 

However, the possible exit of Play Books to focus the Play Store exclusively on Android apps makes sense. The fate of Play Games seems a little more secure due to the massive push into Android Gaming for Windows. The future of the Android app dedicated to gaming isn’t as confident.

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