In context, there are several incredible technological advancements for television that are currently available

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The cheapest Samsung MicroLED television

MicroLED is one of them. It provides all the benefits of¬†OLED. However, it does not have negatives. The main problem with these displays is cost. Samsung’s entry-level display begins at $80,000.

The HTML0 was unveiled CES 2018, and Samsung unveiled The Wall, the 146-inch modular MicroLED TV aimed at people who have homes as big as accounts in the bank. A 292-inch eight-kilowatt version was released in the year following.

Samsung plans to introduce an encapsulated more minor MicroLED television that has a size of 70 inches. However, the company has since reportedly canceled its plans to produce larger models measuring 101 inches, 90 inches, or 114 inches.


The cheapest Samsung MicroLED television

South Korean tech site¬†The Elec¬†reports that Samsung has set the price of the lowest model, an 89-inch version priced at the sum of $80,000. However, if that’s enough screen space to fill your home, the 114-inch model is priced at $100,000. The model’s price with a size of 101 inches is awaiting confirmation.

While these prices put the TVs out of budget for most households, they’re lower than that 110-inch MicroLED Television Samsung introduced in 2012 and priced at fourteen thousand dollars. The lower price is that these televisions utilize printed circuit boards. In contrast, 2022 models use the most recent low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) Thin-film Transistors (TFT), which are more expensive to produce.

MicroLED technology makes use of tiny¬†LEDs that are self-illuminating as OLED produces light and colors due to pixel structures of its own, resulting in perfect blacks and incredibly high contrast. In addition, because it’s an inorganic material, it lasts for a longer time than OLED televisions, it has almost no chance of burning.