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Top Minecraft Skins for 2022

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Seeking the best Minecraft skins? Sick of looking at the same old Steve? Just like when you change Minecraft texture packs, an awesome new character skin is a fast way to spice up your Minecraft visual experience.

Now that Minecraft 1.19 is here, there’s never been a better time for a little fashion refresh. Why not find some fresh new duds to splashing around some Mangrove swamps and exploring Ancient Cities in the Deep Dark? Maybe something pleasant for all your new frog and allay friends to feast their eyes on, too.

Our list of the best Minecraft has customization options for every mood, and we’ve even laid out how to use a skin editor where you can take crack at putting your own skins together. Between these options, you can get started on securing that perfect character skin—or crafting a look of your own.

Cool Minecraft skins

(Image credit: Mojang)

Among Us

This Among Us Minecraft skin depicts one of the crew that you might encounter—or play as—during the casual multiplayer game. While you might not be hunting for the imposter in the blocky survival game, you can bring a little of the popular deduction game to your world. And hey, at least you’ll be easy to spot if you’re playing with friends.

(Image credit: Mojang)

Geralt of Rivia

With CD Projekt Red still busy with Cyberpunk 2077, it’ll be a while before we see Geralt exploring a new fantastical land, but what about the world of Minecraft? There are plenty of blocky landscapes for you to explore with this Witcher Minecraft skin.

(Image credit: Mojang)

Han Solo

Who didn’t want to be Han Solo when they were growing up? While it’s unlikely that you’re ever going to get your dream job as the captain of the Millennium Falcon, you can at least play as him with this Han Solo Minecraft skin as you go about your blocky adventures. Perhaps you could even tame a wolf as a poor Chewy substitute.

Girl Minecraft skins

(Image credit: Mojang)

Lara Croft

While you’re unlikely to be vaulting across canyons or climbing the sides of precarious mountain passes, Lara Croft seems like an ideal choice for a cool Minecraft skin. You’re technically not going to be exploring tombs but if you’re planning on spending a bit of time mining underground, who better than an archaeologist to help you find those treasures?

(Image credit: Mojang)

Wonder Woman

One third of DC’s holy superhero trinity: Wonder Woman! There are actually a whole bunch of Wonder Woman skins available, depending on whether you want the classic Lynda Carter look, more modern Gal Gadot style, or something in between from the comics. Lasso of Truth not included.

(Image credit: Mojang)

Sylvanas Windrunner

She might not be an obvious choice when choosing a new skin, but Sylvanas Windrunner (opens in new tab) might be just what you need to bring some attitude to your blocky world. Plus she’s undead, so that means she can’t die… right? Just remember to keep her away from large trees.

A long-haired zombie girl Minecraft skin with a flower crown
(Image credit: Mojang)

Zombie girl

Movie monsters are a bit of a boys club, so this Minecraft skin is here to address the balance. She’s Zombie Girl ; a zombie that’s a girl. What else do you need to know? There are loads of zombie-style skins available, but this one with her ragged skinny jeans and flower crown is a little bit more interesting than most.

(Image credit: Mojang)


Stardew Valley is another pixelated game about farming and adventures, so it’s no surprise at all to see some Stardew character skins make their way to Minecraft. If you’re looking for another cute girl skin, Abigail is a great choice. Or maybe try on Leah instead. Both should feel right at home in the nearest village.

Anime Minecraft skins

(Image credit: Mojang)


He might not be able to use water breathing, but you’ll certainly have the distinctive style of a demon slayer when you use this Tanjiro skin. Make sure you have a suitable sword to match, and try not to break it… again.

(Image credit: Mojang)


If anyone can punch trees and rocks forever without stopping to craft a pickaxe it would be Goku (opens in new tab). He may only be able to fly in creative mode, but this Saiyan still makes for a great persona. This one’s a simple and straightforward. All the better to recognize that orange jumpsuit.

(Image credit: Mojang)


Speaking of punching, Saitama from One Punch Man is another fun skin choice for Minecraft. No Saitama Minecraft skin is complete without a shiny bald head and iconic blank expression, if only we had his single punch skills in multiplayer servers.

(Image credit: Mojang)

Sailor Moon

How about Sailor Moon for another classic caped anime hero? Her pigtails may be a bit flatter than in the show but hey, that’s Minecraft for you. The same creator has also made skins for Sailor Mercury (opens in new tab) and Sailor Mars (opens in new tab).

Best Minecraft skins - A Minecraft player skins inspired by EVA Unit 01 from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
(Image credit: Mojang)

Evangelion Unit-01

With this Eva Unit-01 skin inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion, you too can get in the mech, Shinji. Best of all, there’s no horrible dads or getting turned into orange goo required, and the only Rebuild you’ll have to endure will be when a creeper does some foul business to your house.

(Image credit: Mojang)

We’re using Jessie and this particular skin as an example, but there are tons of Team Rocket ones available. There’s James, a whole variety of grunts, and even a few of the Pokemon themselves wearing the Team Rocket uniform.

Funny Minecraft skins

(Image credit: Mojang)

Bob Ross

Famous for his supremely chilled painting show, and the phrase ‘happy little trees’, Bob Ross  is one of the most wholesome people to have ever existed. If you’ve never watched his shows, you should do so now. Well, after you’ve done some mining dressed as him.

(Image credit: Mojang)


Angry swamp ogre turned internet meme, Shrek  is a perfect skin for funny shenanigans. Drop your Shrek avatar into a swampy world, bang on some Smash Mouth, and you’ve got yourself a party.

(Image credit: Mojang)

Alex Raising Steve Above Her Head

Yes, it’s a silly name, but it’s fitting for a pretty silly skin. This one features a torso which has been edited to look like Alex’s head, complete with an actual head which looks like a mini Steve. Therefore, it’s Alex Raising Steve Above Her Head and no other name will fit. It’s official name is ‘skin funny minecraft’, which seems amazingly unimaginative considering how creative this is.

(Image credit: Mojang)


The iconic pupper prince of the internet can now make his appearance in Minecraft. The details are what really make this a great Minecraft skin: Doge‘s arms have little claws on the end and he even has a curl in his tail. Wow. Much dog. Very good.

(Image credit: Mojang)

Kermit the Frog 

This famous frog could have easily gone into the horror section, honestly. Kermit’s dead eyes and gaping mouth are, frankly, more sinister than cute. I would rather face-off against an Enderman than this dude.

Videogame Minecraft skins

Best Minecraft skins - A Minecraft player wearing a skin inspired by Elden Ring's Prisoner starting class.
(Image credit: Mojang)

Prisoner (Elden Ring starting class)

While this Prisoner skin  might not get you the same mileage as a solid DEX/INT build will, your foul Tarnished will at least have a much easier life in Minecraft than they will in Elden Ring. Until you bring them to the Nether, anyway.

(Image credit: Mojang)

Master Chief

We’ve all got Master Chief  on the brain with Halo Infinite finally out. In between sessions, keep him close to your heart by squeezing into his iconic suit while you play Minecraft.

(Image credit: Mojang)

Solid Snake

With the unfortunate absence of official Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3 on PC, here’s your chance to play the best version of Solid Snake ,  a gruff, now-blocky spec ops soldier.

(Image credit: Mojang)

Gordon Freeman

Half-Life’s silent protagonist, Gordon Freeman, suits Minecraft’s avatar very well. He’s a dude that gets down to business without a hint of a sigh, now if only there were headcrabs in Minecraft…

(Image credit: Mojang)

Solaire of Astora

Praise the sun. You can finally become the most grossly incandescent being in existence; it’s time to become the one true Sun Bro. Not only will this give you the form of Solaire of Astora, but if you slowly descend into madness and get taken over by a parasite, then at least it’ll be in keeping with the character.

(Image credit: Mojang)


That’s right, it’s finally Yoshi’s time in the spotlight. Remember how Mario used to let Yoshi fall to his death just to grab the final flagpole a little bit higher? Well, Mario’s not here to push him around anymore. Despite being quite differently shaped to your avatar, Yoshi ‘s look seems to translate pretty well.

Best sites for Minecraft skins homepage

Here are some great websites for even more cool Minecraft skins:

  • Minecraft Skins: The site’s clean, bright look and picture gallery style makes scrolling through skins super easy
  • Planet Minecraft: Planet Minecraft in undoubtedly the most comprehensive site. Plug in any search term you can dream up and you’ll most likely find a suitable skin in the huge database
  • The Skindex: Winner of all the awards I can possibly gather into my blocky little arms for “Most Inspired and Puntastic Minecraft Skin Site Name”
  • Skin Search: This site lets you search Minecrafter usernames and bring up the skin that your best pal or fave YouTuber is currently rockin’
  • Miners Need Cool Shoes: Never made your own skin before? No problem—this editor is easy to use, with a huge variety of tools to take advantage of.

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