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The Apple Watch Is An Impressive Piece Of Technology

Why You Should Upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 8

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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It remains one of the best smartwatches out there, and it’s by far the most practical option for iPhone owners. Each year, the Apple Watch gains small improvements that Apple undoubtedly hopes will be enough to draw new customers into the fold. However, these year-over-year improvements aren’t enough for most current Apple Watch owners to justify upgrading to a newer model.

This year, there are three new Apple Watches, ranging in price from $250 dollars to $800 dollars. So, what do you get with each model?

I chatted with Apple Watch Product Manager Deidre Caldbeck to find out what’s new and did some testing of my own by wearing the Ultra for a few weeks.

“I think it’s just one of those products that really help people improve their life,” said Caldbeck of the popularity of the Apple Watch.

It’s not just the world’s best-selling smartwatch, but the best-selling watch in general.

For starters, there are three models to choose from and all are new this year: the SE, the Series 8, and the Ultra.

SE is the entry-level model. This model is a bit smaller in size and lacks the always-on display. The price got a little chop this year. It now starts at $250.

Why You Should Upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 8

Despite being quite happy with my Apple Watch Series 5, I took the plunge and picked up a Series 8. However, my decision to upgrade wasn’t for any of the new features that the Series 8 promised or even features from the past two generations of Apple Watch. In fact, it was actually more about Series 5.

My father, who is in his mid-70s, has been wearing an Apple Watch Series 3 for the past few years, which itself was a hand-me-down when I picked up the Series 5 in 2019. In addition to being smaller, the Series 3 lacks useful health features like the ECG app, fall detection, and improved heart sensors. Further, WatchOS 9 signals the end of the road for the Apple Watch Series 3, which will now be left behind on WatchOS 8.

When the Apple Watch Series 7 came along last year, I began contemplating upgrading to that one for the sole purpose of handing off my Series 5 to my dad. While he was recently visiting from out of town, I decided it was an ideal time to make the move. So, I picked up a Series 8 and sent him home with my old Series 5.

He’s been thrilled with the upgrade, particularly the larger screen and always-on display, while features like fall detection and better heart sensors also provide me with some extra peace of mind.

As for me, though, I find it easy to forget that I’m wearing a new Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Comes with Temperature Sensor Feature

According to the story by Digital Trends, they had high expectations from the company when they mentioned that there will be a temperature sensor included in the upcoming Apple Watch. They had reportedly noted that having this feature would help monitor general health as well as detect early signs of infection should they happen.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Temperature Sensor and How It Differs

The new feature was referred to as an “interesting contrast” to another type of wearable with the temperature sensor, the Galaxy Watch 5 by Samsung. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5’s temperature sensor was tackled in an article by 9to5Google with the title “does Samsung’s temperature sensor do anything?”

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 decided to introduce a body temperature sensor, but according to Digital Trends, it has yet to do anything with the feature. The difference, however, is that Samsung is promising that it will be working with developers in order for third-party solutions to be built around the feature.

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