AppleThe Apple AR/VR headset most likely to be absent...

The Apple AR/VR headset most likely to be absent at WWDC 2022.


According to a report that cites ” people familiar ” with the project, the leaked Apple AR/VR device won’t be available until 2023, according to a report which cites “people familiar” with the project. That means we’ll not reveal it until the WWDC 2022 conference on Monday.Apple AR/VR

The New York Times (opens in a new tab) has the report stating that the headset will be “a headset that blends the digital world with the real one” The device is expected to debut next year, following “continuing challenges” with battery power. It puts an end to any possibility of a 2022 unveiling.

The headset appears to combine virtual reality (digital graphics overlayed onto actual reality) and virtual reality (entirely enclosed digital worlds). It has been described as a mixed-reality device. Imagine a hybrid of Oculus Quest Part HoloLens.

Hollywood involvement

Additional details are discussed in the new New York Times article. The article states that Hollywood directors like Jon Favreau (who helmed films like Iron Man and the 2019 version of The Lion King) are being recruited by Apple to produce videos for the new technology.

Favreau is the executive producer for The Prehistoric Planet series that recently made its debut in Apple TV Plus and, therefore, there is already a connection with Apple. It appears the headset will have at the very least some content for the headset once it is released.

We’ll see at WWDC 2022 in the coming week new tools for developers that allow them to include additional cameras and voice capabilities to their apps, paving the hands-free operation of applications. There were speculations that the device would utilize 3D hand tracking as an input method.

Analysis: Apple is going to take its time

The trademarks of a whole software system came up in the last week. We dared to think that Apple could be set to reveal its AR/VR headset at the Worldwide Developers Conference, which will begin in June. Next week’s announcement might have been unexpected, but it’s not entirely impossible.

It’s doubtful that we’ll get the new hardware, even though it’s been demonstrated before to those with the Apple boards. We could see at WWDC 2022 a glimpse of the software, but without any announcement about the hardware, it’s an event for developers. This would mean app makers can begin developing applications for the headset.

We can learn from the history of Apple that the company tends to be patient with its new products, be it foldable phones or smartwatches. While it’s never the first to introduce new products, when Apple does launch something in a brand new segment, it often will be one of the top alternatives almost immediately.

It seems like the same in this case. There are lots of VR and AR products available, of course, with many to come and frequent reminders of the possibilities for the future of our world. Apple will not rush to push out a VR headset until it’s delighted with its hardware and software.

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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