LG television set are getting more intelligent.

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The all-new LG OLED TV upgrade will give owners a significant Dolby Vision increase.
(Image credit: LG)

LG has consistently produced several of the most stunning 4K televisions over the last few years. And that trend is expected to keep in the coming months as the company will be rolling out the major Dolby visual upgrade to the most recent and upcoming TVs later this year. It includes the much-anticipated LG C2 and LG G2 OLED TVs and the new mini-LEDs with QNED technology.

Under¬†the specification, the T3, The most current LG TV with the most recent Alpha 9 Gen 5 processor, will be upgraded to Dolby Vision, an improved HDR format that’s more durable than the already impressive Dolby Vision.

However, LG TVs with an older processor isn’t capable of benefiting from Dolby Vision IQ due to Dolby Vision HDR’s HDR Format needs a processor that is at least as strong as Alpha 9 Gen 5 to be able to work without loss of performance, as an LG spokesperson told¬†InsideCI.

The most exciting thing? The Dolby Vision IQ upgrade is now available across all Dolby Vision-capable media. This means that any content you’ve been watching will see an improvement in picture quality after the update is available when you own one of the most recent LG televisions.

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What is it exactly that is it that can Dolby Vision IQ do to improve how you view your pictures? The first step is to determine how much (or the quantity of) light is in the space. Then it adjusts the screen’s brightness to ensure that you don’t lose any vital details, regardless of the intelligence of your room’s light level. It’s a massive deal for OLEDs, especially since the screen’s glare can obscure some aspects of the screen.

Dolby Vision IQ comes with an additional feature known as Precision Rendering, which boosts the clarity and contrasts greater than Dolby Vision. Through Precision Rendering, more details are apparent in particularly dark scenes. This will result in an increased contrast between the dark and bright areas present in any particular location.

In simple terms, IQ is an objective improvement over Dolby Vision. After the LG C1’s admittedly tiny enhancements over its predecessor, it was an incredible improvement that was the case with that of the LG CX. We’re excited to see if the LG brand can provide the most immersive experience for those with Dolby Vision IQ. If it does, it could be that we’ll see LG C2 or G2 LG C2 along with G2 included in our list of the top LG televisions you can buy.