There's a wide range of choices to think about buying the most advanced 4K TV deals. If you're on a tight budget, consider QLED TV deals.
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The 55-inch TV from Samsung is available at $500 right now.


While the technology isn’t cheap, it is possible to receive a significant discount if you’re willing to study. Take a look at the Samsung TV deals, including the $500 discount for 55 ” of Samsung QN85A Neo¬†QLED 4K TV. The price drops to Samsung down to $1100, which is much more affordable for families than the original price of $1600.

If you’re looking to invest in a home theatre and have enough space in your living room as per Digital Trends’ guide on the best size TV to buy, you might be interested in placing this 55 inches Samsung QN85A Neo QLED 4K TV on your list of. It features Neo QLED technology which is Samsung’s latest technology for QLED displays that use quantum dots, resulting in an improvement in brightness and natural colours as described in the buying guide for a 4K television. It is powered through Samsung’s Neo quantum processor 4K that isn’t only optimized to stream content available in 4K; however, it increases all other content you stream to 4K resolution.

Samsung QN85A Neo QLED, 4K TV, is an ideal choice for gamers as Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ minimizes blur and enhances motion clarity in fast-paced scenes. In addition, it has a Game Bar that lets you adjust the real-time frame rate (FPS), size of the screen, and the wireless settings of your headset, for example. The TV is also equipped with many audio options that include objects Tracking Sound that delivers the authentic 3D sound and an Active Voice Amplifier that enhances the sound quality on screen, making it clear and louder.
QLED televisions have been growing in popularity. If you’re curious about the craze, you should profit from Samsung’s special offer for the 55 inches Samsung QN85A Neo QLED 4K TV. It’s offered for $500, which reduces the cost to $1100 from $1,600. The inventory may sell out at any time, and there’s no chance to delay taking advantage of this offer. Click the Buy Now button to purchase the Samsung QN85A 55-inch QLED 4K television at a lower price than the regular price.
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