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Tesla’s possible return to TSMC for advanced self-driving chips

TSMC Is Likely To Steal All of Samsung’s Cake When It Comes to Tesla’s Sub-7nm FSD Chips

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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TSMC held its in-person Technology Symposium with a virtual event in parallel for the first time in 2022, showcasing its industry-leading advanced logic technology, specialty technology, and TSMC 3DFabric advanced system integration service. Tesla was among a total of 37 heavyweight customers around the world invited to share their success stories of collaboration with TSMC at the event, sparking speculation over whether this would herald the EV giant’s return to the foundry for automotive chips fabrication.

Now, Tesla will get its FSD chips for a battery support system from Samsung, which builds them on a 16nm technology. According to rumors, the American manufacturer of electric vehicles, for the tenth generation of vehicles of the fourth generation, anticipates acquiring new FSD processors and being the same manufacturer as the Samsung company, but with 7-nm or advanced technology. Now DigiTimes reports that Tesla can give TSMC priority.

As a refresher, Samsung was responsible for manufacturing Tesla’s FSD 3.0 chips on its 14nm architecture. Moreover, the EV giant is expected to continue to rely on Samsung’s fabs for its FSD 4.0 chips that are to be built on 7nm nodes. However, for future chips that would rely on sub-7nm architecture, Tesla appears to be pivoting away from Samsung and toward TSMC, as per DigiTimes’ reporting.

TSMC has started to cooperate directly with automakers including Volkswagen, the sources said, adding that automotive chips will become the foundry’s strongest growth engine in the future despite its revenue contribution ratio still at a single-digit level.

According to TSMC, as of September, a record of over 5,500 people participated in this year’s symposiums, which took place in North America, Europe, and China in June, in Taiwan in late August, and in Japan in early September. Its next-generation leading-edge N2 process powered by nanosheet transistor architecture and the TSMC FEIN FLEX innovation for the N3 and N3E processes were focused at the events.

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