TCL has just released its new CP and C series Google TVs on the European market. The models have all 4K resolution, but miniLED technology from the OEM is reserved for the brand new C93 and C83 models.
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TCL Technology

TCL’s most recent major event for its products has revealed that the newest versions of their¬†Cand P-series¬†TVs are now running Google TV. The OEM also claims that they are optimized to play games and entertainment and are equipped with ”¬†the best” of its mingled or¬†QLED¬†technology.

The latter is available in the latest C93 series and C83 models, and both include the newest version that TCL’s Game Master Pro features. Perhaps more important; however, they support VRR, which can be set to 120Hz or even 144Hz, which isn’t available on the top-of-the-line models, such as the flagship X925PRO model.

The QLED C73 line also has these improvements and FreeSync Premium, ALLM and HDMI 2.1, whereas the C63s include the final two of these features.

The whole 2022¬†C-series¬†also comes with Dolby Atmos-enhanced audio that is tuned to the tune of Onkyo and comes with the “high-class 2.1.2 Sound System” of the brand on the most expensive C93 models. It comprises front-firing speakers that are stereo; two up-firing speakers on the vertical and one speaker designed specifically for bass and bass, which is also available on the C83 TVs, as well as built-in stereo speakers.

In addition, TCL has also introduced new¬†P73series and P63¬†models, though not in as great detail. We know they’re four-channel HDR models that come with a 75-inch model at first. In the same way, TCL has yet to review every SKU in the European market (and the cost) in the new line, but it has mentioned the C93’s flagship model being redesigned to 95 inches and more enormous 85-inches C73 as well as P73 variants in 2022.