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Tasker 6.0.9 offers a simple Tasky UI interface and pre-sets to all users

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Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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After being released in the beta channel, Tasker 6.0.9 brings the easy Tasky interface and thousands of pre-programmed routines for everyone who uses the automation application.

If you’re unaware, Tasky is just a new interface that can help beginners get involved in device automation by providing a more straightforward and more apparent interface. A plethora of pre-programmed routines can also be set up if you need to cover the basics. Imagine a version from “Flip To Shh,” the “Flip to Shh” feature used on Pixel phones, or even a pocket protector for your screen.

The purpose of Tasky is to assist novices in getting acquainted with the app without stopping long-time users from accessing the most powerful tools. You can switch between the “full” Tasker experience and Tasky at any point, with all your existing routines being carried over as you become more comfortable. Watch a demonstration of this feature below, running on Tasker 6.0.9.

The developer Joao Dias has revealed that this feature is available in an updated stabile Tasker 6.0.9 update and is now accessible to all users of the automation application. This update also introduces many other enhancements, including new actions such as the ability to get Screen Info, change Airplane Mode without ADB, and access to Quick Setting Tile Actions using locked phones. Check out the complete changelog in the official changelog.

Tasker 6.0.9 is expected to be released as of right now through this site. Google Play Store. But, you can download the APK file, which Dias distributed. Download it via Dropbox and install it if you can’t be patient.

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