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Switch firmware Version 14.0.0 comes with an upgrade for Joy-Con

Switch firmware update 14.0.0 was released several days ago. In addition to other features, it included the capability to create a folder…That’s a group of people to take part in gaming. This was certainly the most notable feature in the latest firmware, but there’s more you might want to know about.

In certain updates, Nintendo also provides an update for the Joy-Con in firmware. This is exactly what happens in version 14.0.0. This Joy-Con update isn’t automatic; it needs to be initiated manually. The update through the System Settings, followed by Controllers and Sensors. After that, select Update Controllers, and you’re completed.

What exactly is it doing? What’s the purpose of this information? It’s not releasing any information, considering Nintendo has not released any details! Let’s assume it will make the Joy-Con making it more enjoyable!