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surround vs stereo

Surround Sound Vs Stereo Sound / Which one is good for Music and Movies?

Many movies and music lovers need the best setting for their house or office to give them the best movie or music experience. Many people are confused that which setup they chose? They asked that they chose surround sound or stereo sound here we have discussed detailed article between surround vs stereo sound. These are because they buy or purchase a new setup for music or movies.

If we get the answer, First we need to understand that what is stereo sound and what is surround sound is step by step. Some of the differences and some of pros and cons about them. And another thing we need to figure out your room or house or your office is the setup fix in your place or not fix in your place, So lets us know about the basics or features of surround sound and stereo sound

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1: What is Stereo Sound?

Surround Sound Vs Stereo Sound

What is stereo sound? 

Stereo sound is a short form of Stereophonic sound which is a two-channel system, Its means that it contains only two speakers which produce sound.

These two speakers are called left and right speakers these two speakers are placed in corners of the TV or on a stage or your monitor that the user views it. Both channels are complemented with the sub-woofer, Which we can use to produce punchy, tight low-frequency bass. If the system consists of both left speakers, and also the right speakers, and also a sub-woofer, So this is called a 2.1 stereo sound system, If it doesn’t contain a sub-woofer it’s a 2.0 stereo sound system.
We can use many sound things like earphones, headphones, laptop speakers, boomboxes, and many others like that all are in stereo sound system. An important thing is that we can not that all the music is recorded into two channels. Hence, Those fancy DVD music players and CD players use stereo sound.

2: What is Surround Sound?

Surround Sound Vs Stereo Sound

What is surround sound?

Surround sound is known as multi-channel sound, It contains 5 or more 5 channels to produce sound. One of the popular configurations is the 5.1 surround sound, as we suggest the 5 channels /speakers and sub-woofers names.
These five-channel names are center, left, right, surround right or (rear left), and surround left or (rear left). Some the people like a three channels setup of center-left, and right as surround sound but it doesn’t fulfill the ‘surround’ criteria in the surround sound system. For doing this we need at least 5 channels.

There is another popular surround sound system is the 7.1 sound system, Which can contain all the speakers/channels that are in a 5.1 surround sound system, and additionally, there are two mid-left and mid-right speakers/channels. The ‘.1’ in 5.1 and the other one in 7.1 also indicates sub-woofers.

The main thing about the surround sound system is its sound experience is immersive. And this is important when we are watching a movie on a big LED screen or tv or a projector especially action and thriller movies which contain a lot of explosions, car crashes and also shooting parts, etc.

3: Where is Stereo Sound useful?

In the previous description, we can say that we can record all types of music in stereo sound. So if you are a keen music listener then a stereo sound system is a good and simplest fulfilling solution.
It’s mean that a surround sound setup is not a good solution for listening to music. You can use the surround sound system to listen to music but the amplifier system has to work a little bit to convert the original 2 -channel sound to multi-channel sound.
If you are a lover of series and you watch a lot of TV series ( English dramas and comedies) and also movies that don’t have too much exposition and not too many crushes and many other actions scenes, Then a good stereo sound system with a sub-woofer is more than enough to improve the TV and movie-watching experience.

4: Where is Surround Sound useful?

Surround Sound Vs Stereo Sound

If your such a high type of lover of movies and music and want good and best sound results, Then choose the best surround sound for it and it is the best option for it. 7.1 and also the 5.1 is almost a popular surround sound speaker setting but there is one issue that with the increasing availability of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X in streaming and Bul-Ray media, and even more channels are being added to create a movie theatre feeling and experience.
The 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos surround sound system is getting slower because of the model for home theatres, Which can contain 4 speakers to the regular 7.1 channel system. These all 4 surround speakers are called Dolby Atoms enable speakers and normally paced overhead on the ceiling.
Most of the Playstations, Xbox, and PC games usually have multi-channel audio. Which can give us a proper experience of the game and with sound effects, These surround sound is very important for this.

5: Pros and Cons of Surround Sound

Pros & Cons

  • Surround sound is very good for watching movies like fighting and actions movies.
  • Home theatre need a good and best surround sound system for enjoying the movies and music’s.
  • Easily fit in all rooms.
  • These surround sound system is also good for consoles and PC games.
  • You can also listen a music but it will not give you a best experience.
  • Its need a best and proper amplifier to drive all the channels.
  • Required a best and proper cable management.
  • Its very very expensive if you need to watch a movies and TV series.

6: Pros and Cons of Stereo Sound

Pros & Cons

  • Its very good for listening music’s.
  • These stereo sound speakers is made of good quality and its give us a best music’s experience.
  • Its very easy to install in your house.
  • Not too much cables install in it.
  • You can easily update its speakers and also amplifier.
  • Its not too much expensive anyone can effort it.
  • It is good for listing music’s and TV show and also comedy.
  • Not good for action movies like shooting and car crashing in movies.
  • You need a big room to fit it.


7: Comparison Chart Surround Sound Vs Stereo Sound

Now we have seen a little bit about surround sound and stereo sound, And we understand little about it, let us show you a full comparison chart of surround sound and stereo sound which can give us more information.

 Stereo SoundSurround Sound
No. of Channels2At least 5
Ideal use caseMusic and TV ShowsMovies and Games
Room SizeSmall to mediumLarge
Popular configuration(s)2.1 (left, right and sub-woofer)5.1 and 7.1
Ease of installationVery easyDifficult
Cable managementMinimumNeeds proper cable management
PriceAffordable, but expensive options are also availableExpensive, needs proper amplifier

8: Differences Between Surround Sound Vs Stereo Sound

You don’t know about the marketing that which type of sound speaker you buy and which type of speakers you need.
You can also check it on the internet you can also take the help of friends than you can easily pick a good and full fit speaker can purchase or buy for your theater or for your house which can complete you need. If you need our help then we will show some differences between surround sound stereo sound concerning four factors, Which can help you in purchasing it.

9: Purpose

The first and also important factor to consider is the purpose of the sound system. 

Do you want a sound system for listening to music? 

Are you want a movie theatre experience with your good sound system? 

Do you want to enjoy a movie like a listing of music? If you have a clear idea about the requirements of your sound system then we can easily decisions about the buying of a sound system.
As music have a 2-channel sound, If you are only a music lover and you purchasing a hole surround sound system it is not a good idea. That we said, A proper stereo sound system with a sub-woofer is enough for music, TV shows and also movies like comedy and dramas.
If you need to enjoy action, thriller, and sci-fi movies with all of the sound effects, Then a good option is that you can buy a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system.

10: Sound quality

Surround sound contains 5 or 7 speakers or more than 5 or 7 speakers and stereo sound have contain only 2 speakers. Stereo sound speakers are more expensive than surround sound speakers. Does this mean they have a better sound quality or why? Simply, The answer is yes. But some of the expensive stereo sound speakers with better quality cannot give an immersive sound experience that a surround sound system can do.

11: Room size

Another main part of it is that we can check the room size. Do you want the sound system for a large room or are you trying to fill the sound system in a small room? Room size is the main thing in it. If you have a small room and you want a surround sound system, Then the problem comes in your speakers, placements, cables managing, and more power you need, etc. Simply, stereo sound speakers are good for small rooms and surround speakers for large rooms. Surround sound speakers have a completely different in terms of spacing and placement and also have different requirements also have problems in the angle of the speakers.

12: Price

The important and the last factor is the price. The part from the price of the speakers, You can also have to think about the set-up price, amplifier price ambiance, etc. Stereo speakers simply have a small power needed and as an end or result the amplifier is also small. Some of the stereo speakers come with a combined amplifier. But high-end speakers want a 2-channels amplifier, but normally a simple one.
Surround sound speakers wants a dedicated amplifier or a good AV receiver that can dive all the channels. It can surely drive up the overall price of the system.

Surround Sound vs Stereo Sound – Which one’s better for you?

There is no more question and answer about it. It’s all about your budgets it’s all about your requirement. But we will give you some recommendations which can help you to purchase good and better speakers for you. If you want to see TV shows, comedies, and dramas, movies the stereo sound speakers which have also contain sub-woofers. These all set up is good and better for you you can also upgrade it when the new features are coming in it.
If you are a movie lover like you want to watch actions movies shooting movies sci-fi and thriller movies which can give you a feel or experience like theatre. Then you want to buy a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system which is one of the best for you. If you are flexible on budget, Then we will recommend you to invest in Dolby Atmos setup which is one of the best and good sound systems available there.

Is Surround Sound Good For Music?

Simply put, stereo systems include two speakers that are left and one on the right. That means that sound can only be delivered in two channels (the industry term for the speaker). Stereo speakers can be connected to mixers that permit devices to alter the output of the left and right speakers to create a more lively sound.

Surround sound, On the other hand, is a system that has three at least three speakers. A standard surround sound configuration could be a center channel, as well as two right and left. In reality, surround sound systems typically come in 5 or seven-channel designs.

The surround audio sound system needs to be transmitted through a mixer to create an audio field. This is how the audio is emitted into the space, which provides a more immersive experience for those listening.

Stereo and surround sound systems can include subwoofers, but this is typically the case when using surround sound. Stereo systems that include separate subwoofers are typically PC speakers, meaning the speakers will be smaller. A high-fi system is, however, likely to have no external subwoofer.

Stereo sound vs Surround Sound Which is better?

Surround helps you understand the context of the game in which the audio signal is coming from precisely like it does IRL.
Stereo is more akin to music with casual gameplay.
Surrounding a sound is a good option when playing games that require greater attention to the player’s surroundings, typically FPS or Action focused games. On the other hand, stereo is more suitable for leisurely games, unless you need more immersion.


Whether when you purchase or buy stereo sound speakers or surround sound speakers, You can do a lot of investigation about both speakers whenever you purchase it, You want to see a lot of reviews about it, You need to search in youtube about it, You can also check in google and the best option is that you can be asked from those guys which can purchase it before you its the main good option. You can also go to the stories and check out the demos. Whenever you purchase or buy you need to see all things about it. You can also check these articles.

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