Steam DeckSteam Deck parts are available to be replaced found...

Steam Deck parts are available to be replaced found at a price that is a pleasant surprise


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 it’s now clear that iFixit was a bit too quick in publishing these listings online, and then they’ve been taken down, though it will not be long before necessary parts are back in stock.

You might recall that iFixit struck an arrangement with Valve to become the official distributor of parts to replace Steam Deck. Steam Deck and its tweets clarify that they had published these product pages, including prices.

If we assume that these are the actual prices and not placeholders – which appear to be test pages as per an iFixit representative via Reddit, The prices for different parts were exposed in the form of Gaming on Linux and discovered many appear acceptable.

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The cost of a replacement screen is the price of $100 (or PS90 for the most expensive anti-glare screen (and the price is $65 and PS60 for the standard screen). With a brand, the cost of a new fan is 25 or PS20.

The majority of prices appear well-priced at the low price, but if you want to upgrade your motherboard, you’ll need a significant $300 or PS290 cost. It’s about the price of a new Steam Deck. However, that’s $399 or PS349 for the most basic version.

Do note that iFixit made it clear that some orders were placed before the listings were removed, and anybody who got an order will have it honored.

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As you could imagine, many buyers bought replacement fans. There have been complaints of excessively loud models, ruined with a loud whine, and, in reality, the fans were sold out before the listings were taken down, as per reports posted online. (Valve is currently working on this issue in development or attempting to do so with the beta version of their software, remember you.)

Others are looking through the assortment of components in stock and speculate about having the ability to purchase all the necessary components to build your Steam Deck; however, it’s likely to be expensive even if it’s theoretically feasible (which we’re still not sure about).

In reality, there could be Deck owners who want to fix the faulty thumbstick or perhaps a faulty fan and upgrade their Steam Deck into the more advanced display of the top model. Also, the cost of the new display is sure to be encouraging to those with the technical skills to open the device and swap out the display.

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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