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The first units are scheduled to begin shipping at the end of February.

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Steam Deck valve
(Image credit: Future)

Steam Deck should be on sale starting February 25. the first batch of handhelds is expected to be delivered on February 28.

In the blog post, Steam says customers will receive an invitation “shortly after 10 am PT” on February 25. The customers will be given three days or 72 hours from the date they received the email confirmation of their order to place their order. If the customer cannot place an order before this time, the next person to queue will be offered the chance to place an order. Valve declares that it will mail orders each week in batches.

Emails with orders will be sent to you in the same sequence as reservations. Valve will not allow you to choose Steam Deck models similar to your Steam Deck model that you originally reserved. Deposits you paid during making your booking is added to your Steam Deck’s final price at checkout.

Steam Deck
(Image credit: Valve)

Steam Deck Steam Deck was initially planned to be launched in 2021 when the date for the release was 2021. However, Valve announced that despite its best efforts, the chip shortage across the globe also hit them, and the date of release was delayed until the first quarter of 2022. postponed until the beginning of the third of the year 2022


Steam Deck
(Image credit: Valve)
(Image credit: Valve)

Steam Deck Steam Deck will be Valve’s take on a handheld gaming gadget. It will be able to play your Steam library in motion. It will also include games specifically designed to play using Steam Deck, and Steam OS will be used to play games on handheld devices.

Three models are available to select from, including the eMMC model that has 64GB and an NVMe SSD model that has an NVMe model with 256GB and 512GB. SSD models.

IGN was the first platform that has been able to interact using The Steam Deck. You can read the complete review here, along with the interview with Valve President Gabe Newell on why Valve decided to go into the market of handheld devices.